6L – ‘Egypt’s Dispersed Heritage’ project launch at the Horniman Museum

This term, we will be working with staff from the Horniman Museum to explore and discuss our thoughts on whether or not artefacts from ancient cultures should be retained by British museums. During our visit, we had the opportunity handle objects from Ancient Egypt that were over 3,000 years old. Most of the objects had been removed from tombs. We considered their historical value and discussed the fact the deceased person(s) had not given consent for the objects to be removed from the tombs. Our discussion gave us plenty of issues and perspectives to consider. We plan to continue our conversation next month when staff from the Horniman will visit us at school.

Historians assemble…
A visit to the wishing tree

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    1. Hi Favour,
      We miss you so much too!
      Hope you are still enjoying secondary school.
      We’d love to see you before Christmas so pop in if you have the time.
      Miss Lynch 🙂

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