Nursery are Butterfly Experts

We have been carefully watching the lifecycle of a butterfly and today we released them into our garden.

We have made some beautiful butterfly art work and learnt about symmetry.

Can you tell your family something you have learnt about butterflies?

Nursery celebrate the King’s Coronation

The nursery children have been learning about King Charles 111 and enjoyed a celebratory lunch.

We decorated biscuits like a Union Jack flag.

The children have been enjoying their school dinners and have been very independent.

We have been practising using a knife and fork and trying to cut our own food. Try this at home!

Mr Bulpitt read us the story of the King’s Pants!

Mr Wolf’s Pancakes

The nursery children have been enjoying the story ‘Mr Wolf’s Pancakes.’

The children recognised lots of familiar characters in the story from our Fairy tales topic and learnt some new character’s such as Wee Willie Winkie and Chicken Licken.

We learnt a new rhyme.

Listen to the rhyme at home. Can you remember the words?

We made shopping lists for the correct ingredients to make pancakes. Can you remember what we needed to make the batter?

We played shops and counted our money.
We made lists

Did you make pancakes at home? Send photos to

Snowy Festive Fun

Here are some pictures of our Christmas themed learning over the past two weeks. The snow was a wonderful added bonus!

Well done to all of the children who performed in the Christmas show today! The staff were all very proud of the children. Please send any photos you took to

I hope all of the children who are poorly get well soon.

Also, thanks for all of our lovely Christmas cards and gifts. Happy holidays to all.

Nursery – We’re going on a Bear Hunt

The nursery have been enjoying the Bear Hunt story and have been immersed in lots of new language.

Here is some of the learning in action.

We did some ‘swirling and whirling.’

Tomorrow we are going on a bear hunt around the school. I wonder how many bears we will find?

Listen to the story at home. Can your child join in with the repeated parts of the story?

World Nursery Rhyme Week 2022

The nursery have been celebrating this special week by learning some new songs and acting them out. Nursery Rhymes are so important for speech and language development and are part of the first phase of learning phonics.

Research shows that If children know 8 nursery rhymes by heart by the time they are 4 years old, they are usually among the best readers and spellers in their class by the time they are 8”. (Megan Fox, Reading Magic)

Here are some pictures from the past week.

Listen to some songs at home. Don’t forget to sing along!

Nursery in Action

The children have all settled into nursery life so well and have begun to make friendships and understand the nursery routine.

We want the children to develop a love of stories and each week we have a ‘book of the week.’ Books are everywhere in the setting and children are welcome to borrow them every day.

Listening to stories at home has huge benefits for children’s speech and language and literacy development as well as many other areas of learning. Try to read a short story every night at bedtime.

Here are some more photos of our time at nursery over the past week.

Thank you for the baby pictures and family photos that have been sent in. The children have really enjoyed looking at them in our baby shed and talking about when they were small or in Mummy’s tummy.

We also enjoyed a visit from a real baby! Baby Neveah aged 4 weeks.

Today your child came home with a brown bag. Can they collect anything they find that has fallen from a tree?

Please return the bags on Monday full of Autumn treasures.