Science – Insulators

We have been looking at conductors and insulators this week.

We experimented to find out the best heat insulator by wrapping ice-cubes in different materials and seeing which ones melted the quickest.

We wanted to find out the materials that DIDN’T melt very quickly, this meant that they we good heat insulators.

We found that plastic and rubber were the best.

Computing- Networks

5B thought about how information can travel along a network.

The ‘packets’ of information need to be addressed correctly before they can travel along the network. We modelled how IP addresses communicate with each other when sending this information. To reach the destination, the packets visit different routers along the way before being assembled again.

5B visit Deptford Creek

5B had a wonderful time at the Creekside Discovery centre!

After finding out a little about the history and uses of Deptford Creek, we donned our waders and headed off down the river. It was low tide so we were able to walk on the river bed and explore upstream. We had time to race some rubber ducks to see how fast the current was and to do a spot of fishing, catching some shrimp and even some baby gobi.

We had a chance to explore some different artifacts connected to the creek, linked to its history of industry. We looked at historical artefacts belonging to blacksmiths, the pottery trade and even the nearby railway!