First Aid Workshop

We had a workshop on some basic first aid tips.

We learnt about what to do if we need to help someone

Check for DANGER first. Make sure we are safe before helping others. Look for a RESPONSE. Is the person conscious? Check the AIRWAY. Raise the chin to open the airway. Are they BREATHING normally? We then looked at how to put someone into the recovery position, and how to administer CPR.

Measuring Newtons

We have looked at the difference between mass and weight and thought about why they are commonly confused. Mass is how much ‘stuff’ is inside something, whereas weight measures the pull of gravity on an object.

Mass is measured in kg, while weight is measured in Newtons.

We used a Newton meter to measure the amount of gravity acting on different objects.

Vector Drawings

Year 5 displayed the Vector Drawings we created this half term as part of our Water Exhibition.

We used drawing software to create images with different shapes. We had to be able to layer the shapes in the right order and think about how to resize and colour them. We have also had to think about the keyboard shortcuts for copying, pasting and grouping objects.