Wick Court Farm – Day 4

We are really getting into the routine of living and working on a farm!

Today we have been keeping up with the farm jobs of feeding and looking after the animals, in particular we spent some time collecting the hay and helping to put it with the sheep and the pigs.

One group was having a great time grooming the horses while the others were training up the lambs and teaching them to walk in front of us. We helped to make some tasty burgers which we enjoyed for dinner, and checked the weight of the pigs again.

Some children spent some time collecting bugs and insects and then using microscopes to look at them up close.

We enjoyed looking in the craft room and choosing some arts and crafts to enjoy in the farmhouse garden. And in the evening we had a storytelling session and listened to some entertaining tales.

We don’t want to leave, but at the same time we are looking forward to seeing our families again tomorrow. We’ve got so much to tell you!

Wick Court Farm -Day 3

We’ve been busy little bees today! All of the children visited the beehive to see the honeybees, some even managed to spot the queen bee!

Both groups also did some birdwatching and spotted a range of different birds. We visited the hide to look at some of the feeders and looked out across the river Severn to see some other varieties.

The children have had to help out with the farm waste and put it into the composter, before going to visit the cows being milked.

Some other lucky children have been training the lambs! They had to show them how to follow instructions and groom them.

We also had some fun encounters when weighing the pigs. They weren’t too keen to get into the scales and needed a lot of coaxing.

Wick Court Farm – Day 2

Our first full day on the farm has been eventful. We have had lots of tasks to do today and enjoyed seeing all the animals and helping out with different jobs.

Some children went and did the composting this morning, while the other group went and fed the animals. We then had a group helping to make some pasties for our lunch while the others went to see the cows being milked.

After some horse grooming and some harvesting in the farms garden, we all met up again to enjoy our lunch around an open fire.

A fun afternoon session building some dens was followed by a visit to the neighbouring farm, while another group collected some plants to make us a nice herbal tea. We’ve certainly earned a good nights sleep!

Wick Court Farm Day 4

It’s another sunny day and everyone is still having a great time!

We have had a lovey morning working on the farm; feeding, training, grooming and mucking out the animals.

Some of us also did some baking- we made cookies to sell in the shop. There was lots of good team work!

We’ve been working really hard so have had some well deserved down time at the farmhouse- reading and playing in the library and crafting in the craft room:

Some of us then went out to the field to see if we could spot some of the biodiversity around the farm.

We also had some wild play and built dens!

Wick Court Farm Day 3

Here we all are:

After another great sleep, we went out to the farm to do our jobs: feeding the animals and collecting eggs- we even witnessed a goose laying an egg!

We then ate the BEST porridge ever!

Some of us went over to the dairy to see the cows being milked.

Some of us met some lambs! We tethered them, trained them and groomed them. We have them names and taught them how to walk around the field.

And some of us went birdwatching! We saw robins, linnets, sparrows, blue tits, oystercatchers, wrens, buzzards and many more!

Then we got our special outfits and went beekeeping! We were very brave and even got to taste some of the honey!

We were all feeling a bit exhausted now so we had a read in the library before we went out for the afternoon activities.

Some of us went inset hunting and learned about biodiversity:

Some of us went to feed the poultry and the pigs and we even got to hold some chicks!

We have had a truly wonderful day! We are tired but happy, eating and sleeping well and having so much fun. Bring on tomorrow!

Wick Court Farm Day 2

Hello from Gloucestershire!

We started our second day with some important jobs around the farm.

We then came back to the farmhouse for a delicious, hearty breakfast before meeting some more animals:

Some of us stayed and prepared lunch:

Some of us went to the garden and harvested some vegetables and herbs for our dinner!

We then had our lunch of Cornish pasties, corn on the cob and Eton mess round the fire! It was great!!

After that, we had lots of play time!!

We had another delicious dinner of curry, rice, naans and fresh fruit. Then split into our groups once again:

Let’s hope we all sleep as well as we did last night and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go again!

Wick Court Farm Day 1

Hello everyone! We have arrived safe and sound after a brilliant journey!

We have been around the farm for a tour had some delicious stew and home made bread for dinner and done some chores around the farm.

After dinner, some of us walked across the fields to the dairy to meet the cows and some of us went and met the pigs and chickens!

Now we’re back at the farm house, showered, unpacked and ready to go to sleep (after a little hot chocolate!)

We’re feeling happy, tired and excited for what tomorrow will bring!