Horniman Museum – 2B

Today, we went to the Horniman Museum, for a workshop on our topic , ‘Toys and Games’. We had an amazing time! What was your favourite part of the day?

‘It was a GREAT day!’ – Frida
– ‘It was really nice, even on the top deck of the bus!’ – Nancy
– ‘I had a nice day at the museum’ – Sofaine
– ‘My favourite part was when we saw the animal bones (skeletons)’ – Teddy
– ‘I LOVED playing with the toys!’ – Victoria
‘My favourite part was seeing the real mice and real bees’ – Jeremiah
– ‘I liked the little and big animals, I just like animals’ – Jacob C
– ‘I liked the wooden toys!’ – Aveenendra
‘I liked guessing where the toys came from and then playing with them’ – Orla

Welcome to Nursery!

The children have settled in so well this week. Well done to all of the parents for being brave and leaving your children so promptly. I promise you, they are in good hands!

Here is some of the fun so far.

Our main focus this week was to build relationships with the children and help them to learn the nursery routine.

They have been so helpful at tidy up time and are learning to put their things away when they have finished with them.

The children are enjoying having a sense of responsibility. Give them a simple job at home. Some examples could be-

-Putting their toys into a box

-Washing fruit or vegetables

-Watering plants

-Pair socks

-Lay the table for dinner

Make it fun and they will love to help you!