Are bubbles always round?

Bubbles are a very simple, yet effective way to engage children in playing, learning and exploring the world around them. The children were challenged to test their ability to sweep and swirl with a variety of controlled movements. We all discussed:

How do we make the biggest bubble?

Can you see the rainbow colours in the bubbles?

Which bubble wand makes the best bubbles?

We created different shaped wands to find out whether bubbles are always round.

Home Learning:

Why not have a go at making your own bubble mixture at home!

Magical Mess

Messy play is one of the best ways to learn. Giving children the freedom to make a ‘mess’ allows them to focus on process over product. There is no restricting end result just endless possibilities. This type of play helps children to develop courage and confidence to be curious, make their own discoveries, problem solve, have a go and keep trying. This week in Purple class we have enjoyed getting messy!

The Magic Bed

This week we have been reading the story The Magic Bed. This story inspired us to think about the world, places, cultures and lives. We have explored maps of the world and talked about how environments differ from one place to another. Through questioning and research we have developed a greater understanding and knowledge of our world and our place in it.

We made lists of all the things we would take with us on an adventure:

We used our imaginations to explore what it would feel like to fly cross the world on a magic carpet/bed. We talked about what we might see on our journey. The children had some amazing ideas – jungles, arctic, sea, mountains, volcanoes, Catford etc.

Here we are on our magic carpet!

We designed our own magic carpets:

We wrote about where we would most like to go:

This week we also explored the features of our own immediate environment.

We were very excited when we found some snail trails! We remembered what we had learnt during snail week and we successfully located some snails hidden in dark, damp places in the garden.


This week our inquiry into the natural world has taken us into the land of giants and enormous beanstalks!

Linking to their learning about plants and growing, the children have loved exploring the story ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. They have deigned castles, written to the Giant and even taken their adventures outside into the impressive castle the children constructed in the garden!

This week has been one for excellent communication skills and imaginative play.

This week in maths we have been recognising, finding and naming a half as two equal parts of an object. What does a half mean to you? Draw a picture to represent half.


This week we have been learning all about snails. We learnt about the artist Henri Matisse and created our own paper inspired snails based on Matisse’s most famous work ‘The Snail’. We went on a successful snail hunt. We closely observed the snails we found and learnt lots of interesting facts about them. We enjoyed handling, feeding and watering them.

Some of the older children joined in the hunt!

We learnt that a snail’s spiral is called a whorl and that all spirals go in one direction. We created these beautiful paintings using pop paints and pens.

It’s a dogs life!

Ziggy, a very cute cockapoo, effortlessly charmed the children with his energetic playfulness and terrific tricks. The children enjoyed asking questions, taking him for a walk, playing football with him and reading him stories when it was time for his nap.