Red Class showed racism the red card

Today we showed that we will stand up to racism. We wore red clothes, or ribbons, or shoes, or hats to show our support in showingthe red card. We think we look great in red clothes-Red Class.

We revisited our Black History Month inspiring heroes. Look back at the blog and see what you remember.

Next we are looking forward to delicious cakes at the end of the day.

Have a lovely half-term from Red Class.

Red Class Autumn Walk

Today, we were scientists out to investigate the signs of Autumn in the local park. We used all our sense, we listened to the birds and the crunching leaves, we looked at all the colours and shapes, we felt the bark of the tress and the wind against our faces, we smelt and tasted the air around us in different parts of the park.

Before we left, we wrote a park plan. We decided we needed to be sensible, look, listen, smell, touch, taste (only the air!), stay with our partners, walk in the line and to learn lots.

Red Class are clever like foxes.

This week we have been thinking about forests, woods, trees and the animals we see in them. We thought about foxes, and we are going to read stories about foxes. Can you think of any?

We learned some facts about foxes:

We drew foxes. We thought about the shape of their ears. What shape do you see?

Foxes have very sensitive noses, and bushy, fluffy, tails. Look at how we added them to our drawings:

We used the sounds we have been learning to write some labels for our fox drawings. Can you read them?

Ask us some questions about foxes. we will be glad to help. Look out for them in your street or garden.

Red Class are Dancers and Architects

We looked at photos of Janet Collins the ballet dancer and choreographer. We talked about what we noticed in the pictures. Then, we posed like dancers, thinking about our arms, legs, hands, feet, head and body shape. We drew ourselves as dancers.

We looked at buildings by famous architects, we were inspired to create beautiful buildings of our own.

We took a trip into the fog with a hedgehog.

On Wednesday, we were athletes, doing our sponsored exercises in the hall.

In maths we’ve been practicing our positional language. Can you describe where we are in these pictures?

We’ve been mark making out in the big playground

Red Class are artists

Today, we looked at some art works by Chris Ofili.

We thought about these things:

What do you notice?

How does it make you feel?

Does it remind you of anything?

Do you have any questions?

“It has a long tail.”

“A monkey!”

“I like the colours at the back”

“It makes me happy, the monkey is funny.”

“I like the hat.”

“What is on her head?”

“I can see a necklace.”

“Reminds me of my sister.”

“Beautiful lipstick.”

Do you know what the things under the painting are? Ask someone in Red Class and they’ll tell you!

We were inspired to make some Autumn artworks of our own.

Red Class want their hats back!

Do you know the story of the bear with the missing hat?

We have discussed these questions:

What did the bears hat look like?

How did the bear get his hat back?

Do you think the bear did the right thing?

We designed fancy hats for ourselves

We thought up cunning plans to get our hats back from the rabbit

We made fabulous hats

We’ve been busy with our Makaton signs too. Ask us to show you the signs for bear, rabbit, hat and thank you.