Red Class and the Spring Tree

Today, we drew the tree in the playground. First we looked back at our photos and drawings of the tree in the Autumn and the Winter. We talked about how the tree has changed. We talked about the shapes, patterns and colours. We looked at what we were wearing and the sky and what clues these gave us about the time of year.

Red Class Great Egg Race

We have been thinking about giving eggs at this time of year. We noticed that spring is in the air, and decided to celebrate by racing some eggs.

First we boiled some eggs and let them cool, then we decorated them on Thursday.

Today, we took oue eggs to the hall for a race.

Look at us!

The winner was Diana. Her egg travelled the furthest.

We all gave her a big cheer!

We have been singing our Spring Chicken song-join in, and bust out your chicken moves. Have a great break and we will see you on 20th April.