Giants in the Nursery!

Nursery have been enjoying the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and other giant related stories.

We have learnt lots of language relating to size, measured objects in different ways, planted beans of our own and got very messy pretending to milk Jack’s cow!

Here are some pictures of the learning and fun in action.

Can you tell your family the story of Jack and the Beanstalk? I wonder if you can remember what happened?

Here are some questions to prompt your child’s memory.

What did Jack sell at the Market?

How did Jack’s Mum feel?

What was at the top of the beanstalk?

What did the Giant say?

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

The nursery have been reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Everyone was very excited when we received our own caterpillars!

At first the caterpillars were tiny. They have been doing lots of eating like the caterpillar in the story. Now they are big fat caterpillars!

Here are some activities we have been doing related to the story.

You can watch the story at home.

We can’t wait for our caterpillars to turn into butterflies. Can you find out what we need to feed them?

Marvellous Minibeasts!

As part of our ‘Let’s Get Digging’ topic we went on a hunt for some creatures.

We found many different creatures including Ladybirds, Caterpillars, Spiders and lots of Snails!

We took a closer look at the snails and had a go at drawing their spiral shell.

We even made spiral shapes on the windows and rolled long snails using the playdough.

We have learnt some facts about snails. Can you tell your family something you have learnt about snails?

Can you find any minibeasts in the park or the garden? Remember to treat them very carefully. They all have an important job to do.

Here is the song we have been learning this week. You could find something at home to use as a drum.

It’s Music Time!

This half term we are having some special music sessions with a specialist teacher called Ellie.

We really enjoyed singing lots of songs and learning about her instrument- the Saxophone.

Here are some pictures of us enjoying the session.

Next we made Gold shiny Saxophones of our own.

Sing as many nursery rhymes as you can together! Studies have shown that if a child can recall eight nursery rhymes by the time they start school they are more likely to be better readers and spellers by the time they are 8 years old.

Nursery Rhymes not only form part of Phase 1 phonics but develop lots of other areas of the curriculum such as-


-Story sequencing

-Numeracy skills

-Listening skills

-Physical development

-Knowledge and understanding of the world

Keep singing!

Nursery Easter Fun!

The nursery children have been looking at signs of spring. We have lots of new flowers growing in our garden and we have been learning how to care for them and resisted the temptation to pick them!

We learnt about Daffodils and the different parts- Stem, Petals and Trumpet. Can you spot any Daffodils when you’re out and about? Tell your family about the different parts.

We made flowers using loose parts. This is called Transient art.

We patterned some Easter eggs. We have been learning about writing left to right and top to bottom of the paper.

Today we went on an adventure to find the Easter Bunny! The Easter Bunny told us that baby Rabbits are called Kittens. We hunted for one egg each. The eggs were delicious!

In Phonics we have been learning about Syllables. Syllables are the different parts of a word. For example Tiger has two syllables- Tig/er.

See if you can clap the Syllables in your families’ names.

We sorted animals by the number of Syllables in the name.

Here are some more photos of the busy learning that has been happening.

Have a lovely Spring Break with your families. Try to spend some time outside in the garden or the park.

Space Week in the Nursery

This week we have been reading books relating to Space. We read ‘Whatever Next,’ a story about a bear who made a rocket and flew off to the moon.

We made rockets of our own and pretended to fly off to space.

We have also been enjoying ‘Aliens Love Underpants.’ We have been mixing primary colours to make aliens.

Here are some more pictures of the space themed learning in action.

Can you see the moon from your window at night? What shape can you see? Watch the moon change over several nights.

In math’s we have been counting backwards from 5 and matching numerals to their quantity. We have enjoyed singing Zoom, zoom zoom, we’re going to the moon. Can you sing it to your family?

We have also been enjoying our visits to the ‘Secret Garden.’ If any parents/carers would like to help with the maintenance of the garden (weeding), please speak to a member of the nursery team.

Next week as part of our topic ‘Our World’ we will be learning about Africa. Fruit donations such Bananas, Passion fruit, Pineapple, Avocado, Guava, tangerines and pineapples would be helpful. Thank you.

World Book Day in the Nursery

We have been celebrating World Book Day! We used the book ‘You Choose,’ to create stories of our own.

We dressed up as our favourite story characters.

To celebrate World Book Day we got a present- a book pack from The Book Trust.

Read your book at home with your family!

Reading is so important for language skills. Please read to your child everyday.

Mr Wolf’s Pancakes – Nursery

On Shrove Tuesday we read the story of Mr Wolf’s Pancakes.

We made playdough pancakes and tossed them in the air! We explored lemons and squeezed lemon juice. We whisked up bubbles in the water tray and wrote shopping lists for the ingredients we needed to make the pancakes. We played shops and used real coins to buy the ingredients. Finally we tasted pancakes and all agreed that they were ‘delicious.’

The Three Billy Goats Gruff & Dental health week

This week in the nursery we have been reading the story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff.

In the story there is a horrible troll who lives under a bridge. We used describing words to about what he looked like, then made trolls of our own.

In the story the troll was green. We didn’t have any green powder paint so we experimented with other colours and discovered that we need to mix blue and yellow.

Next we needed to add the trolls features. We used our scissors skills to cut out eyes, noses and mouths.

Look out! The trolls are very scary!

The story told us that the troll had stinky breath. We spoke about why he might have bad breath and what he could do.

We sorted food and drinks that are good and bad for our teeth. We discussed the importance of brushing every morning and every evening for 2 minutes.

We practiced brushing and used a fun Encanto timer.

Try the timer at home!

Please ensure your child has regular dental check ups and brushes twice a day using a pea sized amount of toothpaste.

Holbeach nursery are proud to be part of the ‘Healthy Early Years’ program and do not encourage sweets or sugary drinks in the children’s packed lunches.

Click on the link for some dental advice from the NHS.

Children’s teeth – NHS (

Happy brushing!

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

This week in the nursery we have been reading the story ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears.’

We have explored wet and dry porridge oats, made chairs for baby bear and sorted objects by size.

Here are some picture of the learning in action.

We have been learning a song about Goldilocks. Can you sing it to your family at home?

Who is the biggest in your family? Who is the smallest?

Have a go at laying the table at breakfast time. Can you give a bowl and spoon to each person?

Try to do some playing outside next week. Go to the swing park, collect some different size sticks or jump in puddles! Outside play is really important for children’s development.

Happy half term!