6L Our ‘Leading Learners’

Anyone can be a ‘leading learner’. This is the term we created to describe a person who can explain their understanding and support others as they strive to be successful. We could all think of a situation in life where we have helped someone to learn a new skill or improve skills they already had.
In the last couple of weeks, we have been putting our ‘leading learners’ to good use. Children who were confident with the formal method for column multiplication worked with children who felt less confident. The results were incredible. Working together in this way also allowed us to practice valuable social skills like how to communicate clearly and respectfully with each other. Everyone’s confidence levels increased and some children who began the week as less confident learners felt able to volunteer to become a leading learner! Remarkable! 🙂

6L Art – Dare you stare into the eyes of Medusa?

This term we will create our version of Carravagio’s famous painting of Medusa. Carravagio used studies of his face to create his Medusa and we have been studying our faces in preparation. We discussed the emotions conveyed in the famous art work – sorrow, fear, shock, rage. We then used charcoal and chalk to capture only our eyes when we expressed these emotions. The results speak for themselves and we think we’ve achieved what we set out to do. Next week, we will concentrate on expressing emotion with our mouths.

Caravaggio’s Medusa

6L – Worth the wait!

We’d been patient for two weeks and our reward was an afternoon of glorious sunshine – perfect weather for football! We focused on developing and honing our dribbling skills this week. It was clear we made rapid progress in a very short space of time as our ability to control the ball at speed increased dramatically.
A good deal of ‘fancy footwork’ was on show and it’s clear we have a high number of talented and emerging footballing stars of the future in our class!