6F – Lewisham Youth Theatre

Yesterday, Year 6 had the opportunity to take part in a workshop led by Lewisham Youth Theatre.

We began the session with some games to get us warmed up.

We then explored our well-being through some drama activities.

Finally, we put all of our skills and the themes we’d discussed together create characters. Each group then developed these characters and put together and performed a short improvised piece of drama, exploring issues that children may experience.

It was a really fun morning! Thank you to the facilitators from LYT.

6F Visit to London

Today, Year 6 travelled into Central London. We walked along the river, stopping at three different points to do close observational drawings of some of the most recognisable landmarks.

We had a great time spotting the landmarks and we were all amazed at the progress we made throughout the day.

We even had a bit of time at the end of the day to visit a fun new playground!

Thank you for a great day 6F!

6F – Computing

In Computing, 6F have been learning how to create spreadsheets and enter data (like Cicada!) using the Excel program.

We inputted the data under the column headings that we had chosen.

We had to be careful to make sure that we put the numbers in the correct cells.

Once we had inputted all of the data, we were able to do the fun bit- creating charts and graphs.

6F – Visit to Down House

On Wednesday, we took a journey to Downe in Kent to explore the home of Charles Darwin.

We found out a lot about his life, his family and his experiments.

We then had the chance to perform our own experiment about the shape of finches beaks and how it supports the theory of evolution by natural selection. We made predictions, discussed how to ensure a fair test, performed the experiment (using safety goggles and gloves), recorded the results and then shared our conclusions.

We then went and had a picnic and some time to play.

We had a wonderful day (despite the long journey back) and everyone was engaged, well behaved and considerate. We even received 5 compliments from members of the public. Well done 6F, we are very proud of you!

Hands up who was exhausted!