KS2 Sports Day

Well done to Years 3,4,5 and 6 for showing our school values at your Sports Day.

As you can see below the children had a fantastic day.

All the team colours did impressively well and should be very proud.

Here are the final scores…!

Red Team- 486

Yellow team- 525

Blue Team- 425

Green Team-482

Well done Yellow Team for coming 1st!

The fastest runners in Year 5 and 6 were Wesley and Kadie.

The fastest runners in Year 4 were Rimaya, Nelly, Diana, Angel, Eden, Gill, Alfie, Mike-Curtis, Smith, Daisy and Miah.

The fastest runners in Year 3 were Sarah, Ianis, Hamza, Oscar, Daniel, Tristan, Ibadidi, Cassie-Ann, Stella, Elisabeth and Eden.

Y5 Home learning 31/03/2022

Well done for all the hard work this term Year 5! Have a relaxing break over the holidays, and we look forward to seeing you back, rested and raring to go in a couple of weeks.

Here is the home learning for the holidays. If you scroll down, you’ll find a template for the paper helicopter and some links to videos for other designs.