5A Home learning 21.10

There are a couple of tasks set for you to have a go at over the half term, but please use the opportunity to rest, reset and get ready for the rest of the term.

Remember to log on to My Maths – there are 2 revision tasks set for you. If you’ve already completed the task, have another go, and see if you can beat your previous score!

Log on to TTRockstars – I’ve set up a battle!

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Lewisham Migration Stories

Today, Year 5 were lucky enough to have a visit from Peoplescape Theatre. We watched a performance that told the stories of people who had migrated to Lewisham, and learnt that migration means movement. We learnt that people migrate for many different reasons: to explore; to study; to work; to find a new home, being some of the many reasons. We talked about some of the reasons people may have for staying in Lewisham, or for returning to where they came from, and how difficult those decisions can be to make.

Over the course of the term, the children in Year 5 will be participating in workshops to learn more about Lewisham’s history and the stories of its people, culminating in a celebration of Lewisham’s diverse communities with a performance.

We’re really looking forward to the workshops, where we’ll have the opportunity to explore a theme through drama techniques such as still image, corridor of thought, shadow puppets, choral speaking and poetry writing.

Starting the year in 5A

We’ve had a packed start to the year in 5A!

We have already started our art, and the children have shown good observational skills, drawing a variety of different beach finds, including sea shells, seagull feathers, fishing rope and pebbles.

They’ve also been revisiting place value in maths, and working together to deepen their understanding. In English, they’ve demonstrated different writing styles, using the book Once Upon an Ordinary School Day as a stimulus.