KS2 Sports Day

Well done to Years 3,4,5 and 6 for showing our school values at your Sports Day.

As you can see below the children had a fantastic day.

All the team colours did impressively well and should be very proud.

Here are the final scores…!

Red Team- 486

Yellow team- 525

Blue Team- 425

Green Team-482

Well done Yellow Team for coming 1st!

The fastest runners in Year 5 and 6 were Wesley and Kadie.

The fastest runners in Year 4 were Rimaya, Nelly, Diana, Angel, Eden, Gill, Alfie, Mike-Curtis, Smith, Daisy and Miah.

The fastest runners in Year 3 were Sarah, Ianis, Hamza, Oscar, Daniel, Tristan, Ibadidi, Cassie-Ann, Stella, Elisabeth and Eden.

Around the World with 4S!

Last week, during culture week, 4S visited 3 of the 7 continents. We traveled all around the world last week . Have a look at some of our pictures below to see where we went and what we learned along the way!

First, we went off to Columbia to learn about Cumbia music. We made our own Guacharaca and played along with a Cumbia band!
Then, we went to South Africa and learned about Ndebele art. We made our own village and designed each of our houses to look like those you might find in a Ndebele village.
On Thursday, we enjoyed some amazing dishes from all around the worlds. We had: Jollof rice, African stews, Pakistani chicken fried rice, Dutch pancakes, Polish Paluzki, German sausages, English scones…and the list could go on. Let’s just say our bellies were full by the end of the afternoon!