4S Homework 21.10.2021

Black History Month Celebrations

Over the last few weeks, 4S have learned about many important black people who have made great contributions to our history. For your homework this half term, I would like you to pick one of the people we have spoken about this month (or someone else you find interesting) and write their biography. A biography is a a detailed description of a person’s life with facts, background information, and stories from their life.

Below are some of the people that 4S have learnt about this month. You can also check out this video on BBC Newsround to inspire you. Black History Month 2021: What is it? – CBBC Newsround

Keep practising your column addition and subtraction over the half term. Try this challenge:

How many different subtraction and addition problems can you create and solve using only the digits: 2, 4, 6, 8 and 0? What do you notice about your answers? Is there a pattern?

Don’t forget to keep practising your times tables. By next half term, I want everyone 100% confident with their 2,5,10,3 and 4 times tables!

The Tudors

We have learned so much about the Tudors so far. Last week, we learnt about the different types of jobs that people did in the Tudor times. We discussed which jobs we would like to do and which jobs we wouldn’t and gave each job a rating out of 10. The majority of us decided that being the Groom of the stool was probably the worst job around at the time.

This week, we took a look at some pictures of objects that would have been used during this period. We worked collaboratively to try and work out what these objects were and what they were used for. We then uncovered what the objects were and talked about who would have used them.

4S Homework 7.10.21

This week we have been learning a story which features the sinking of the Mary Rose. However, the story doesn’t have a lot of information about the ship. Can you do some research at home to find out more? What did the ship look like? What was it used for? There are many theories around how the ship sunk. What do you think happened to it? Have a look at the website to find out more. Mary Rose

You can present your work in a number of ways. For example: Create a fact file; make a poster; build a model of the ship; draw a diagram or put together a PowerPoint.

Also, continue practising your times tables. Try and beat my score on Hit the Button (38). You could also create a mini test in your homework books and see how quickly you can answer 10 times table questions. Set yourself a goal each time. How many can you answer in 1 minute?

Investigating Gases

This week in Science we investigated gases. In particular, carbon dioxide which is the gas used to make fizzy drinks fizzy!

Gases are super hard to spot as you can’t usually see them and they often have no smell. First, we captured some of the Carbon dioxide from fizzy drink bottles using balloons! We did this by shaking the bottles continuously for a few minutes. It was really fun watching how much the balloons inflated! Then, we compared the weight of the sealed bottles with the weight of the bottles after releasing as much of the carbon dioxide as possible.

We discovered that Carbon dioxide does weigh something, not much, but more than the air around us.


Your homework will be published on the blog each week on a Thursday. Your homework books are for you to record your home learning only. You should bring in your homework books each Thursday for me to have a look at your fantastic learning. They will be returned to you each Friday.

This weeks Homework:

Remember that in addition to this, you should read every night and record this in your reading record. You should also keep practising your times tables and division facts up to 12. To help you with this you could; make flashcards; create a speed test in your homework books and time yourself; or use Ms. Simpson’s favourite online game Hit the Button to practise.