Investigating gases – 4B

We thought about the materials that were in a bottle of fizzy drink, in particular the Carbon Dioxide gas that was hard to spot.

We captured some of the Carbon dioxide using balloons!

We are going to compare the sealed bottles with ones that have had all the Carbon Dioxide removed by shaking them, in order to find out how much the gas actually weighs.

Home Learning 16th September

Our author focus this term is Roald Dahl.

For your home learning this week can you find out information about Roald Dahl? You can present the facts in any way you wish. You might want a list of incredible facts, a poster about his most famous books or even a timeline of his life.

Be prepared to share what you have found out next week!

There is always work set on each week too, so remember to login and try those activities

The Battle of Bosworth

We found out about the events that lead to the first Tudor king, Henry VII, being crowned. We found out about the battle between King Richard’s men and those of Henry to decide the future of England over 500 years go.

We re-enacted the battle and thought about the soldiers that would have been involved, taking on the roles of longbowmen, pikemen and knights.