Home Learning 21st Oct

Take some time this week to unwind and reflect, you’ve worked hard this half term!

Here are some suggestions:

Here some activities that you can do to keep your brain ticking over until we get back to school.

Literacy – Write a story set in a castle. It could take place now or in the past. Who is the main character? What exciting things can happen to them? Remember : Introduction, Build up, Problem, Resolution, Ending

Significance of Farleigh Hungerford Castle | English Heritage

Maths – Keep practising the column methods we have been using in class for addition and subtraction. There are some questions to try below.

Comprehension – Read the information below about the Tudors and answer the questions.

Maths- Subtracting with exchanging

This week we have been practicing subtraction when exchanging is required. If we can’t take away the number because it’s too big, we must exchange from the next column so that it is now possible.

We can draw the numbers to help us or use the formal column method.

Practise so that you are really confident at subtracting easily and quickly.


This week we have been thinking about how we can improve on the story that we have been learning. We have been writing about the setting, describing the Tudor town that Tom visited.

We then thought about changing the character completely in order to create our own unique version of the story.

Home Learning -30th September

Literacy – In your home learning book you will find this literacy activity. Think about the different synonyms (words which have a similar meaning) that you can use to make your writing more interesting

Maths- We played this game to help us to practise rounding to the nearest 10. Roll a dice 3 times to make a number. Decide if you round up or down and then colour in the correct number that you are rounding to. You can play the game with a partner and take it in turns – who can score the most points? If you don’t have dice, you can just make some number cards to generate your digits

Don’t forget that there are some tasks on MyMaths and that you can look at some books on BugClub.