3L – We made a Clay Tile of a Victorian House

Finally, we added the detail of the brickwork and the roof tiles. We used clay tiles to create the different textures.

Our tiles are now ready to be fired in a kiln.

3L’s Home Learning 14th October


This week’s spellings:


Log onto MyMaths and have a go at the tasks I have set you.


Use a mirror to create a symmetrical pattern on the paper I have given you. Position the mirror on the center lie and ensure the pattern is the same on both sides.

Make sure you bring it in on Wednesday so that we can share each other’s work during the lesson.

This week’s Home Learning 7th October.


Can you think of some more words that have the ‘ai’ spellings for the long ‘a’ sound? Write a list in your books.


Log into MyMaths and have a go at the two tasks that I have set you.


We thought about our main living space today and drew a picture of the things inside it. We thought about the lighting, heating, where we relax, our entertainment and our favourite piece of furniture or object.

Choose another room in your house and think about the same aspects. Draw and label it in your book.

3L’s Home Learning


Learn this week’s spellings – they are in your Home Learning Book.


Practise your 5 times table on Rock Stars Times Table and try and beat your score each time!

Go on mymaths and have a go at the 2, 5 and 10 multiplication questions.

Computing – we have been learning about how to keep safe online. Let’s see if we can remember some of the things we have learnt.



3L have (re)started tennis lessons with a professional tennis coach at Ladywell Fields. We have been practising hitting the ball with our forearm. We know how to get in the ‘ready’ position and do a little jump when the ball is served to us. We then turn our bodies to the direction of the ball, wait for it to bounce then hit it!

We could be the next Emma Raducanu!

3L Home Learning 23rd September 2021

MATHS: Login to MyMaths and complete the tasks on Place Value and Number Bonds. Your login details are at the front of your Reading Record.

ENGLISH: We have been learning the ay sound and the eig and eigh way of spelling it, Practice spelling them – they are in your Home Learning Book.

Are there any more that you can think of?

Science: This week we have been learning about reflective surfaces. Have a look around your house and when you are traveling to and from school and see if you can spot any. Write a list of them in your Home Learning Book.