Year 1 Home Learning 26.05.22

This week we have been identifying 2D shapes and describing their properties. Watch the video below to remind yourself of the names of the shapes.

Shapes Song 2 – YouTube

We went on shape hunt around the school to count how many shapes we could spot.

For your home learning this week, go on a 3D shape hunt.

3D Shapes I Know (solid shapes song- including sphere, cylinder, cube, cone, and pyramid) – YouTube

You can draw the shapes you see, write a list of the shapes or make a tally chart like the one below.

In Science we have been looking at trees and plants. As part of your home learning this week you will be getting a Tree Hunt sheet. Over the half term you could go on a walk around your local area/park to see how many different trees you can identify.

This week is the last in a busy half term so make sure you also take some time next week to relax and enjoy your time off. We look forward to seeing you all in June for the start of the next Summer Term!

Year 1 Home Learning 19.05.22

This week we have been making observational drawings of fruit and next week we will be learning about where fruit comes from.

For your home learning this week have a go at some of the fruit themed activities below:

25 Healthiest Fruits You Can Eat - Best Fruits to Eat Daily

>Try a new fruit that you haven’t tried before – Draw a picture of it and record how it tasted and whether or not you liked it.

> Write a recipe for a fruit salad – What fruits will you include?

> Research where your favourite fruit comes from. Is it grown in the United Kingdom or somewhere else?

>Complete the fruit wordsearch.

1L Read to the Giant

Did you know that a giant lives at the top of Holbeach?

Don’t worry, he is friendly!

On Monday, we found out that the giant is having trouble sleeping. This is because he never has a bedtime story!

Luckily, 1L worked really hard to write him a story. What story do you think we wrote?! Jack and the Beanstalk of course!

Today, we walked right to the top of the school and told him our stories. They were so good that he fell fast asleep! Well done 1L!

Year 1 Home Learning 12.05.22

This week in Maths we will be counting fruit and vegetables by adding and subtracting.

You can play the games below to help you practise these skills:

You could also play a game at home using items/buttons/stuffed animals. Get someone at home to put a number of items on the table. Count the total. Close your eyes and ask the other person to take some items away. Can you open your eyes and work out how many have been taken away?

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