Reading stories to Purple Class and Albert the cat!

We have been working hard on our new versions of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. Today we read them to Purple Class and Albert the cat. Thank you for listening so well RW and Albert!

Thank you Anna-Clara for the lovely bed you made and brought in for Albert!

Albert might have job in the office now…





Dragon Week

This week we have been exploring the topic of ‘Dragons’ using our core book ‘George and the dragon’.

IMG_7585 IMG_7579


We made dragon eggs!

Sarah and Kitty decided to make a nest for their eggs.


The children enjoyed playing with the wooden blocks and small world dragons and princesses. Outside the children used the large scale equipment to make dens to hide in, so they wouldn’t be captured by any dragons flying over. They also made castles and caves using the equipment…


We have been enjoying the sunshine this week and have been painting outside…


Daniel wrote a story all about dragons!


Kitty drew a beautiful picture of her dragon…


Jack and the Beanstalk

Look at all our amazing Jack and the Beanstalk work!


We learnt how to make the colour green, we painted curvy beanstalks to help Jack take back his gold. We  made character story props and wrote speech bubbles. We thought carefully about what each character might say and how they might say it.


In maths this week we have been investigating size. We had to work in teams to try and build the tallest/longest beanstalk. After much planning, preparation and measuring we worked out that Daniel and Earnest had made the longest beanstalk. Daniel said “We used the giant paper for the giant and that’s how we made the tallest beanstalk!”

IMG_7367IMG_7365IMG_7364IMG_7363IMG_7361IMG_7360IMG_7370IMG_7375IMG_7377IMG_7371IMG_7376 IMG_7378

Troll Week – The Three Billy Goat’s Gruff

This week we have been reading the traditional tale ‘The Three Billy Goat’s Gruff’. We made a new home for the trolls. We planned our ideas and then selected the resources we needed to create these beautiful bridges. Elizabeth and Sarah made a village with a slide and a bedroom for the troll family.


We wrote our own traditional tales, we thought about character, setting the problem and the solution. Our stories are proudly displayed in our classroom. IMG_7284IMG_7282IMG_7286IMG_7283IMG_7292IMG_7287IMG_7289IMG_7281



We designed and made clothes for the trolls and ponies. We worked hard to measure the material and learnt how to join the fabric together so that it was secure.


We painted pictures of trolls.



Did you know that trolls smell really bad! Well, not anymore – thanks to Purple Class they now smell delightful.

We made perfume for the trolls…IMG_7139IMG_7140