Year 6 Welcome to Wonderland Lyrics

We are going to stop the song after the line – ‘With a little help from your friends’ so don’t practice beyond this line please.

Remember to keep learning those lines! Only one week to go until we are script free – some of you almost managed that today – excellent!

Have a lovely weekend 🙂

Welcome to Wonderland
My God it’s half past eight
Who cares if you came late
We don’t care where you’ve been
You’re gonna fit right in
A little fun detour
A little crazy, sure
Don’t get all insecure
Pardon me but have you seen
Someone looking like the queen
Sharpening her guillotine
Prob’ly just as well. Ha!

She’s capricious as can be
Lopping heads off by decree
This week severed forty-three
Cutting them pell mell

What a party has it started snowing?
Everyone not coming will be going
Do you know the queen of hearts new orders?
They’re the same as always; close the boarders
Could she be the one, you know?
Tin man, lion or scarecrow?
Wait that’s from a different show

Please start making sense

Have you seen my walrus dear?
Big mustache that’s down to here
Made the oysters disappear
Claiming self-defense

Wait, I think you think I think I’m dreaming
And when I wake up I’ll wake up screaming

We don’t think as all we simply feel dear

Ok, someone tell me what’s the deal here

Welcome to Wonderland
This is your new address
You’ll love it more or less
No time to decompress
It’s afternoon all day
There’s lots of games to play
Flamingo lawn croquet
So please enjoy your stay

Everyday it’s something new
Problems up the old wazoo
Rumors of a palace coup

Get me out of here

Answers are in short supply
Who, what, where, when, how or why
Cross my heart and hope to die
Get it into gear

When your alter-ego’s interfering
Self-esteem cannot stop disappearing

Welcome to Wonderland
Start rocking with the band
You’re going so damn fast
Your future’s in your past
An author always knows
Which way the story goes
So tidy up loose ends

With a little help from your friends