Home Learning – 11.7.19 – Persuasive Letter

We have been learning how to write persuasive letters over the last few weeks. Having completed your final piece, persuading the the King or Judge to punish or release The Highwayman, we would like you to use the skills you have learnt for a completely different task.

Using all of the techniques that you have practiced, write a letter to your teacher, persuading them that you should be allowed to finish school early on the last day of term. Use emotive language, formal language and sentence starters to link your ideas.

If you are convincing enough, you might convince us to let you go!

Year 5 Roman Museum

Year 5 were excited to welcome pupils, teachers and parents to the first day of their Roman Museum today as they were able to show off all of their learning from this terms topic. Visitors had the opportunity to dress as both soldiers and Roman citizens, dig for artefacts and test their knowledge of Roman numerals. The children were in hand to share all of their knowledge and give an insight into life in Roman times.

If you missed out today, be sure to pay a visit on our final day tomorrow.

Home Learning – 27.6.19 – Still Life

It is Art week for our home learning this week and we would like you to think about the techniques you have been using for observational drawing throughout the year.

Most recently, we have been looking at still life compositions, based on the food and objects that would have been eaten at a Roman feast. for your home learning, we would like you to find similar food or objects (bowls, jugs, glasses and take your time over a pencil drawing of what you see. Try not to rush – think carefully about texture, tone and shape to really bring your drawing off the page.