Home Learning – 16.5.19 – Setting Description

This week, we would like you to spend some time looking in detail at a room of your house. Imagine it is a scene from a story. How would you describe it? Using descriptive language, write a paragraph in the past tense, describing the room as if it was part of a longer story.


Cautiously, I stepped into the bedroom. It was _____, _______ and ________. There was __________, ____________ and ____________. In the corner, _____________.

summer 4 setting

Suspense Text to Learn


I made my way carefully up the stairs, one at a time. Even though I wore my soft shoes, the floorboards creaked. In the silence of the empty house, the sound seemed explosive. At the top of the stairs, I paused. A bedroom door swung open.  A dark shadow shifted. Dust shimmered. A draft of cold air touched my face.


“Get a grip,” I thought. But the door swung back again, too quickly, and I knew that someone had to be there. I could feel my heart thudding as I gripped the poker tightly. Reluctantly, I stepped forward.

We are Cryptographers

5C began a new unit of work for Computing today in which we will be learning to program secret message encryption software in Scratch.

Linking with our topic ‘The Roman Invasion’, we began by looking at how ancient civilisations might have sent messages quickly and efficiently over long distances, and using semaphore, had a go at sending and receiving our own messages.

IMG_20190425_150018 IMG_20190425_150450 IMG_20190425_150558 IMG_20190425_150608

We are Architects

5C completed there Computing work this week and were are able show off some fantastic 3D art galleries. Using the 3D design programme, Sketch Up, the class put together structures, designed their own furniture and sculptures and added some art to the walls.

Funfair Physics Trip

Year 5 fully embraced the laws of physics today as they headed to Crystal Palace Park to learn about the Physics of the funfair. By being thrown around on waltzers and dodgems, and working their way through the Crazy House, 5C experienced all of the forces we have been talking about in class, and looked in more depth at the rides when they returned back to school.

IMG_20190402_115911 IMG_20190402_115917 IMG_20190402_115919 IMG_20190402_120515 IMG_20190402_123125 IMG_20190402_113855 IMG_20190402_114241