Year 3 Home Learning. 4th July 2019

Sports Week!

It’s sports week next week! Practise your throwing, jumping and running! You could also:

Write a biography of your favourite sportsperson or explain the rules of your favourite sport.

Read a few pages of a book. Sort the past tense verbs into regular (ends with ‘ed’) and irregular (doesn’t end in ‘ed’)

We’ll have a times table quiz next week. Which ones do you find tricky? Practise them!

Year 3 Home Learning

13th June 2019
We have been learning about growing vegetables. The next time you go to a shop look at where different foods come from. You could make a table to show your findings.
How many adverbs do you know with the suffix –ly?
Create a list e.g. happily, softly…
Practise the 7 times table.