Year 3 Home Learning. 4th July 2019

Sports Week!

It’s sports week next week! Practise your throwing, jumping and running! You could also:

Write a biography of your favourite sportsperson or explain the rules of your favourite sport.

Read a few pages of a book. Sort the past tense verbs into regular (ends with ‘ed’) and irregular (doesn’t end in ‘ed’)

We’ll have a times table quiz next week. Which ones do you find tricky? Practise them!

Year 3 Home Learning

13th June 2019
We have been learning about growing vegetables. The next time you go to a shop look at where different foods come from. You could make a table to show your findings.
How many adverbs do you know with the suffix –ly?
Create a list e.g. happily, softly…
Practise the 7 times table.

Art in 3C

We looked very closely…
We used chalk and charcoal.
We chose a plant or flower that took our fancy.
We looked again and again to check.
We looked at the shapes, lines, shade and texture.
We decided how to use the chalk and charcoal to get the shade we wanted.
We looked closely at the shapes of the leaves.
The plants were all very different.
The flowers were very different too.
We started with a white chalk outline and built up the shades.