Memorable Experience – Mapping

Today we have become geographers and used a key to identify features in Ladywell Park.

First we created our own key. We thought about everything that we would see in Ladywell Park and created our own symbols to represent these on a map.

After lunch, we went on a walk around Ladywell Park and used our key to draw the symbols on the map.

“It was fun mapping” – Edgar

“It was fun and when we had more items on the map it was easier to draw the pictures where the next place was” – Sapphire

“It was great because we had to draw symbols from the key onto the map” – Aaron

“It was fun as we walked around Ladywell and we were finding different things to draw on our map” – Taiwo

“It was a bit tricky to find where you were on the map because there was nothing on it. Now I could find where I was on my map. – Danny

“It was great working with my partner and I think that the walk was wonderful” – Adrian

“I loved making up symbols for the key and then putting them on the map” – Dominic

“My favourite part was when I saw my Daddy with my dog” – Wanda


This term in computing we helped Mr Bulpitt solve the mystery of the missing cake!

We received an email asking for help and began to investigate. We got some written information and audio clips with clues. Once we had collated all the information we put them into a spreadsheet.

Using the filters on Microsoft Excel we were able to identify the person and solve the mystery.

As we were sending and receiving emails we also talked about e-safety, particularly with emails. We thought of some top tips and created posters to let everyone else know how to stay safe on the internet and particularly when using emails.

Reading Partners

This Year children from 1B and 2S have been reading with each other every other Friday. We mostly shared our stories in the library but sometimes went to the hall to share our work too!

As today was our last time reading together we went to the hall to give our reading partners a letter/thank you message.

From all the children in 2S we would just like to say a really big thank you to 1B for being amazing reading partners. We enjoyed sharing stories together and making new friends!

Habitat Experiment

Yesterday we designed an experiment to see which habitat a woodlouse prefers. We decided to have 4 different types of conditions but kept everything else the same to make it a fair test.

Here are some of our experiment designs. Can you remember what conditions we agreed?

We also made predictions. What did you predict?

Today we carried out the investigation. First we collected the materials and began creating our box of habitats.

Then we carefully collected some woodlouse. How many did we collect for each box? How many did we collect in total?

Next it was time to see which habitat they liked! We carefully put them in the box and left them for 5 mins. (We planned 10 in our experiment, but some of them tried to excape the box)

Finally, we recorded our results. We looked at them together and drew conclusions. Look at the results below. What conclusions can you make?

Most importantly at the end of the lesson we safely put the woodlouse back in their natural habitat.

Home Learning 11.7.19

Next week we will be thinking about our time in Year 2. We have had a fantastic year full of learning, new experiences and wonderful memories.

Have a think about your time in Year 2. Can you draw a picture to show one of your favourite memories from this year.

Perhaps you could write a riddle and we could guess your favourite memory?

Sports Day!!!

In 2S we are excited for Sports Day tomorrow! This morning, we thought about the values that our teams represent as well as the values that we want to show during the event.

We thought about what it means to be a good sport, whether we win or lose and created posters about sports day!

KS1 Sports Day starts at 9:30 and spectators are welcome to meet us at the Ladywell Arena from 9:30.

Don’t forger to wear your team colours if you have something (don’t worry you can get a sticker with your team colour if you need it)

Remember to bring a bottle of water, a sun hat and suncream if it is warm.

2S – Healthy Snacks

On Tuesday we designed our own healthy snacks. We chose between a pitta pocket and a wrap.

Today we used lots of different skills to make our healthy snacks. Look at the pictures below, can you explain what skill is being used in each picture? What tips would you give for using the equipment safely?

After we had made them we went to the quiet area to enjoy our healthy snacks.

What did you enjoy the most? Was there an ingredient you would add next time?

Home Learning 4.7.19

This week we have been thinking about how we keep our bodies healthy.

We looked at diet and nutrition and designed a healthy snack. Our snacks were delicious! You could find or design a healthy recipe and bring it in to share with the class.

Image result for balanced diet

Next week we will be looking at growing and changing. Bring in a photo of yourself from when you were a baby. Then as a class we will try and guess who the baby photo belongs to.

We have also been learning about how exercise is important to keep healthy. As next week is sports day you might want to practise some skills. Can you balance? Can you pass a ball to a friend? How many start jumps can you do in 1 minute?