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This term we became detectives to help Mr Bulpitt solve the mystery of the missing cake.  He emailed us the details and we used our computing skills to help us sort through the clues.  When we had collected all the information we entered it onto a spreadsheet.  Then we looked at how to filter the information to identify the thief.

Look at the data. Can you remember how to use the filter button? How did it help us?


We have used lots of different IT equipment this year including ipads and laptops that we can use to go online.  It is important to know how to stay safe when we are using the internet.  We read the story of Smartie the penguin and helped him make good decisions about what to do when things go wrong online.  Can you remember some of the things that Smartie had to think about?

Then we made our own posters to help people stay safe online.  Tell someone at home the important messages you included on your poster.

Memorable Experience – Mapping

Today we have become geographers and used a key to identify features in Ladywell Park.

First we created our own key. We thought about everything that we would see in Ladywell Park and created our own symbols to represent these on a map.

After lunch, we went on a walk around Ladywell Park and used our key to draw the symbols on the map.

“It was fun mapping” – Edgar

“It was fun and when we had more items on the map it was easier to draw the pictures where the next place was” – Sapphire

“It was great because we had to draw symbols from the key onto the map” – Aaron

“It was fun as we walked around Ladywell and we were finding different things to draw on our map” – Taiwo

“It was a bit tricky to find where you were on the map because there was nothing on it. Now I could find where I was on my map. – Danny

“It was great working with my partner and I think that the walk was wonderful” – Adrian

“I loved making up symbols for the key and then putting them on the map” – Dominic

“My favourite part was when I saw my Daddy with my dog” – Wanda


This term in computing we helped Mr Bulpitt solve the mystery of the missing cake!

We received an email asking for help and began to investigate. We got some written information and audio clips with clues. Once we had collated all the information we put them into a spreadsheet.

Using the filters on Microsoft Excel we were able to identify the person and solve the mystery.

As we were sending and receiving emails we also talked about e-safety, particularly with emails. We thought of some top tips and created posters to let everyone else know how to stay safe on the internet and particularly when using emails.


This week we have been learning how to make a print.

First we experimented with mark making. We used a blunt pencil to press into a polystyrene tile. We talked about which marks are easy to make and which are tricky.

Then we made a rubbing of the tile.

After that we looked at our sketches of natural objects and chose a section to represent on our printing tile. Using the techniques we had practised we recreated the pattern on the tile.

Then we printed the tile. We had to load the roller with ink by rolling it out in the tray. Then roll the ink evenly across the tile. Next we placed the tile on the paper and used a clean roller to press the tile onto the paper. Finally we lifted the tile off to reveal the print.

What was your favourite part of the printing process?