Storm Ciara

Storm Ciara was a talking point today. We spoke about the weather over the weekend and looked at some pictures of the damage caused by the storm.

We went outside to look at the damage in our own garden.

We put on our coats independently. Please try this at home too.

It was still windy so we decided to make some kites.

Next, we flew our kites in the wind!

What a fun day of learning!

Salt Dough Bread

This term we have a new role play area. As our topic is fire fire and we will be learning about the Great Fire of London we have a bakery role play area.

Unfortunately, there was no bread in our bakery yet…

Luckily we made salt dough bread that we can use in our role play area.

Look at the pictures below, what do you think bakers have to do when they make bread?

What ingredients will they use? How do you think making bread in a 1666 bakery is the same as making bread today? How would it be different?

I used the dough. I rolled it and then I made a shape. Then I made little holes in it to make croissants. – Paige

I made a slice of toasted bread by making the dough into a ball. Then I flattened it and then I had to squeeze it a little bit. – Avin

2B’s Toy Exhibition!

After many weeks of hard work in and preparation in our English, D&T and Science lessons, we were finally ready to show our toy designs, instruction books and toys at our Toy Exhibition! Take a look at our photos below…

A HUGE thank you to all of the adults who came and showed their support! And a SPECIAL thank you to 1B, who also came to our Toy Exhibition after our adults had left.

WELL DONE 2B for all of your hard work!