The Tudors

We have learned so much about the Tudors so far. Last week, we learnt about the different types of jobs that people did in the Tudor times. We discussed which jobs we would like to do and which jobs we wouldn’t and gave each job a rating out of 10. The majority of us decided that being the Groom of the stool was probably the worst job around at the time.

This week, we took a look at some pictures of objects that would have been used during this period. We worked collaboratively to try and work out what these objects were and what they were used for. We then uncovered what the objects were and talked about who would have used them.

3L’s Home Learning 14th October


This week’s spellings:


Log onto MyMaths and have a go at the tasks I have set you.


Use a mirror to create a symmetrical pattern on the paper I have given you. Position the mirror on the center lie and ensure the pattern is the same on both sides.

Make sure you bring it in on Wednesday so that we can share each other’s work during the lesson.

Self Portraits

This week we have taken inspiration from the artist Kehinde Wiley who is best known for his distinctive portraits. 

Kehinde Wiley: 'I took the DNA of William Morris and created hybrids' | Art  and design | The Guardian

As part of our topic this term is It’s good to be me! We looked in mirrors and drew all the different features we could see. We created our own portraits against patterned backgrounds just like Kehinde Wiley:


Deptford Creekside 12.10.21

On Monday, 5W visited the Creekside Discovery Centre as part of our topic: Water, Water Everywhere. We waded through the river at low tide and discussed how the moon affects the tidal flow in this section of the Ravensbourne River. We also learned about the different fish, insects and birds living in and around the Creekside! In the afternoon, we looked at different objects retrieved from the river, which give an indication of the historical uses of the area.

This week’s Home Learning 7th October.


Can you think of some more words that have the ‘ai’ spellings for the long ‘a’ sound? Write a list in your books.


Log into MyMaths and have a go at the two tasks that I have set you.


We thought about our main living space today and drew a picture of the things inside it. We thought about the lighting, heating, where we relax, our entertainment and our favourite piece of furniture or object.

Choose another room in your house and think about the same aspects. Draw and label it in your book.