Sports day results!

Just in case you haven’t heard…here are the final results!

The winning colour is…

Red Team with 556 points!

2nd place-Yellow Team with 504 points!

3rd place –Blue Team with 463 points!

 4th place- Green Team with 431 points!

Well done everyone!

 Fastest 100m runners:

years 3 and 4

Eden 3C, Daniel 4B, Zyggy 4B, Jordan, Ameerah 3S, Mike Curtis 3L, Asher 4A

The fastest runner in Years 3 and 4 is…

Zyggy 4B!

Year 5 and 6

Fastest runners in the 100m race

Troy 5A, Ibrahim 6F, Ed 3S, Azaan 6L, Hawa 5G, Efrata 5G, Scarla-Rae 6L Diana 6F, Faith 6L, Mimi 5A, Howa 5G.

Go Holbeach!

Red Class Subtraction Stars.

We have been thinking about subtraction or minus or take away this week in our maths times. We have been using cubes and other objects to work out some subtraction problems.

We subtracted cubes, beads and even children! Today we wrote our number sentences on our whiteboards. We are using the sign with our numerals.

We’re going to keep practising at home and at school. Have a go at some subtraction sentences using objects at home….toys, socks, blocks…your dinner! Can you subtract vegetables by eating them? Try it and see.

Red Class: Save Our Seas.

We have been inspired by the books:

Somebody Swallowed Stanley.
Duffy’s Lucky Escape!

We thought about all the plastic that people throw away, and how it affects animals and fish in the oceans, rivers and seas. We researched rubbish in the sea and watched this report on Newsround.

We decided to write our ideas about how to keep the seas clean. have a look at what we wrote.

Then we had a think about what we could do to use less plastic. We decided to make our own re-usable bags. We used fabric, made handles and decorated them. Don’t they look great?

What could you do to use less plastic?