Y1 – Safari Park and Dinosaur Forest!

After a very, very, very long coach journey (the children behaved so well despite this), we finally arrived.

First, we had a ride on the safari truck and saw lots of animals. We saw giraffes, rhinos, ostriches and antelope (to name a few!). What else did you see?

Then, we walked through the dinosaur forest!

After that, we spotted a cheetah before walking up a big hill and seeing the monkeys and gorillas.

Finally we walked up A LOT of steps to see the lions and tigers.

We had a great day and behaved so well. Well done 1L and thank you to the parents who helped us today.

Look at the photos and leave me a message on this blog to let me know which animal you liked best!

From Miss Little

2T’s visit to the Horniman Museum

On Tuesday 2T went to visit the Horniman museum to find out more about toys from around the world.

It was a busy and wet journey on the bus but we made it!

When we arrived we had a chance to look around the Natural History and Gallery. We saw lots of different animals.

After lunch we went to the Pavillion for the toy workshop. The lady told us about some toys that came from different countries. Then we had the opportunity to explore different toys. We looked closely at toys made from recycled materials, we experimented with push and pull toys. We also looked at toys you can tell stories with and that were for hand eye coordination and learning. We all had a fantastic time.

Have you Filled a Bucket Today?

Did you know that we all have an invisible bucket? Its purpose is to hold your good thoughts and feelings about yourself. You feel happy and good when your bucket is full, and you feel sad and lonely when your bucket is empty. This week in Purple Class we have thinking of ways we can fill our own bucket and other peoples buckets too.

Matthew and Lilly have worked together to build a train, they are sharing ideas and developing a narrative around driving a train to different parts of the country.
Bernard, Max and Phoebe are building a “bee house”, together they are sharing ideas and resources and are negotiating roles with each other. When they have finished they are very proud to show everybody what they have done. They can articulately talk about the different features of the hive and enjoy showing everyone the honey room.
Ned enjoys some quiet time in the book corner!
The children are pretending to be pirates, they are scrubbing the deck and getting the ship ready for sailing.