Red Class: We’re Back!

We have really enjoyed our first week back at Holbeach. We have been counting past 10.

We counted teen numbers. Listen to our Teen Number Song to help you count with us.

We made long, long, long, chains of linking elephants and camels. It was the biggest count in the room! We counted more than 100. Look around for more things to count.

We also thought about what we find scary about monsters in stories. We read the story Where the Wild Things Are to help us think about monsters. Listen to the story here:

We had some great ideas. Can you think of any more scary things about monsters?

Red Class, World Book Day

To celebrate World Book Day, we have looked at a different story every day.

On Monday we shared Jackson and the Hairstalk.

We drew ourselves with Hairstalks and drew and labeled all the magical things which might fall out of them.

On Tuesday, we shared My Big Shouting Day. We drew ourselves looking grumpy and thought of ways we can cheer ourselves up when we’re feeling down.

On Wednesday, we shared Perfectly Norman. We drew ourselves with amazing wings and wrote lots of the things that make us perfectly us.

Thursday was World Book Day, we dressed up as book characters. We shared the story Box of Tricks. We drew ourselves as magicians with all the magic things we would make appear.

On Friday, we had some stories to watch as well as lots of activities to do away from our screens.

Red Class and The Gingerbread Man

Wowzers Red Class, another fantastic week of home learning. You are all doing so well, we’re really proud of all of you.

Here is some of the incredible work you have done this week.

This week we have been working on The Gingerbread Man. We told the story with lots of actions, we built up a story map with characters, labels and settings. We drew characters from the story with speech bubbles. Then, at the end of the week we made story maps with our own animals in.

We had a lot of fun with our magical maths remotes, the maths magic was so strong, I got very dizzy from all the spin buttons you were pressing!

Well done Red Class!

Red Class are spaced out!

We are learning about space.

Today we enjoyed the story: Man on the Moon by Simon Bartrum. Try listening to it now, but watch out for aliens!

We used our imaginations to draw a design for own aliens. We counted legs, arms and eyes and we wrote labels for them:

Counting Down

Try getting some rockets to blast off with Curious George. Can you count down from 20?

Letters and Sounds

We learnt these new sounds ‘h’ and ‘r’. Can you find these sounds at the beginning of words?

Don’t forget our tricky words: go and no

Firework Gems in Red Class

We thought about fireworks in the sky this week. We’d all heard lots of them, and some of us had seen some fireworks too!

We used gems and sparkly thread to make our firework pictures go off with a bang! Can you see what else we used?

Phonics: new sounds are out!

This week we learned the ‘e’ sound (as in elephant), and the ‘u’ sound as in ‘umbrella’.

Now we know these sounds:

s a t p i n m d c k ck g o e u

Can you make any words from these sounds? Here are some to start you off:

cat at mat dog cog mog

How many can you make?