5B visit Deptford Creek

5B had a wonderful time at the Creekside Discovery centre!

After finding out a little about the history and uses of Deptford Creek, we donned our waders and headed off down the river. It was low tide so we were able to walk on the river bed and explore upstream. We had time to race some rubber ducks to see how fast the current was and to do a spot of fishing, catching some shrimp and even some baby gobi.

We had a chance to explore some different artifacts connected to the creek, linked to its history of industry. We looked at historical artefacts belonging to blacksmiths, the pottery trade and even the nearby railway!

Planting Beans!

We have been enjoying different versions of the fairy tale, Jack and the Beanstalk.

On Wednesday, we planted our very own beans! We are hoping that our beans grown higher than the sky (just like Jack’s!).

We are also conducting a science experiment!
The first bean has no soil.
The second bean will have no water.
The third bean has been put in the cupboard so will have no light.

Do you think the beans will grow? Leave your predictions on this post!

Red Class and the Spring Tree

Today, we drew the tree in the playground. First we looked back at our photos and drawings of the tree in the Autumn and the Winter. We talked about how the tree has changed. We talked about the shapes, patterns and colours. We looked at what we were wearing and the sky and what clues these gave us about the time of year.

1S Science

Today in Science we have been identifying what different animals eat. We have been looking at their diets and discussing whether they are herbivores, carnivores or omnivores.

Can you tell someone at home what and omnivore is and give an example of what they eat.

E.g Herbivores are animals that feed on plants, like sheep. Sheep eat grass so are herbivores.

We used a Venn Diagram to sort different animals and their diets.

You could use what we have been learning at school to draw your own Venn Diagram. Try adding different animals and what they eat.

1S Winter Walk

Today we wrapped up warm and braved the windy weather to go on a winter walk. As part of our science learning we have been tracking the changing seasons and identifying signs that show these.

Take a look at the pictures below. What signs of winter did you see? What were people wearing? How did it feel when you were on the walk?

We also stood under the same tree as our Autumn Walk to identify how it has changed since last season. What do you think? What is the same or different about the tree now, compared to when we saw it in Autumn?

Sorting animals

Today in Science we began comparing the similarities and differences between animals, including humans.

First we thought of and shared our favourite animal using the word ‘because’ to say why. Then we looked at 5 different classifications of animals:

Reptiles, Birds, Mammals, Fish and Amphibians. We identified which group our favourite animal belonged too.

Next we sorted different animals according to our own questions. Take a look below to see how the children decided to sort the animals.

The questions were very interesting. Can you think of anymore questions you could ask as a way to sort animals?