6F – Science

In Science, we are learning about light. Today we learned all about refraction and how light behaves depending on the type of matter it travels through. We found out that particles in liquids and solids can cause the light to bend and therefore distort the image that we see.

We looked through water to observe how it changed what we see and we compared it to the image that we saw through a gas (air).

We then observed what happened to an object when submerged in a liquid and how the image of it changed because of refraction.v

We saw the real power of refraction when we saw how it could completely change an image. The image of the arrow was flipped by refraction caused by the particles in the liquid changing the direction of the light.

1S Gardeners 🌻🌹🌷

After what has felt like a lot of time inside because of the rain, it was lovely toget outside and see how our flowers have been growing.

They look bright and beautiful. Below are some pictures taken by Max, Jemimah and Luca. Can you remember the name of an of the flowers or plants?

We’ve also got a mystery plant. Have a look below, what do you think it might be?

Some guesses have included rhubarb, rose, poppy and cucumber.

What do you think it is?