6L – We are scientists.

In Science, we have been discovering how we see and how light travels, enabling us to see objects around us. We learned that when rays of light reflect, they obey the ‘Law of Reflection’, creating two angles.

We wanted to know if this statement was true so we designed an experiment to test this claim. Here we are conducting our experiement.

Come back soon to see our results! 😊

Red Class Are Inventors

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Today, we learnt about Garrett Morgan.

We started the day playing a traffic light game in the big playground.

We ran on green, walked on amber and stopped for red.

Garrett Morgan was an inventor, he added an amber light to traffic lights, this stopped a lot of accidents.

Then we became inventors and designed our own amazing robots.

“When my robot thinks he can make fire and he shoots and catches all the baddies.”
“My robot chops carrots.”
“My robot is fixing something, it’s shooting there. A giant lever up and this one is where they open the door. They are outside building.”
“It cleans up poo from the floor, he cooks cucumber and makes salad.”
“At the beach, I’m wearing my swimming clothes. My robot can make a beach and make my dreams come true. It can fly!”
“My robot is a machine that makes toys.”
“My robot flies to zippy land, past my dad work, green bicycle, and takes me straight there with my little sister.”
“This is the stop light, the red one, this is the water coming out when I’m dead. Yellow light so I’m walking slowly, green light so I’m walking back. There’s a hole and a round circle at me and a red line that says get out of the house!”
” I fell in the bush with stinging nettles. My robot do let me do park but I’m fell in bush and then riding bike.”
“He cooks me pizza and makes me rainbow toys.”
“Here’s the oven and it’s outside cooking and that’s where the coffee and ketchup come out and there are his wings and there are his legs. That’s the cupboard with the biscuits, that’s where I keep my panda biscuits. That’s the stove and that one has pockets. Circle cheeks.”
“My robot have some cross eyes for a bit, pointy teeth, big teeth here and a space ship there. One big eye.”
“My robot has 3 eyes, he runs and runs and take me to the park and plays with me.”
“He came to the shop to do some shopping.”
“It going in park, playing, playing all day, unicorn toys.”
“My robot has a big tummy because it needs to cook everything. And it has a big round tummy.”
“My robot can fly. I go inside there and it’s got wheels there. That’s where I’m hiding something, a cake!”
“These are my 2 robots. They can fly and cook beef. They can draw number.”
“Robot cooking like that.”
“My robot builds towns.”
“It’s a birthday cake robot that makes rainbow cakes for everyone.”
“My robot flies to the moon.”
“My robot cooks chicken, salad and he can cook whatever you like.”

Planting bulbs

Today we started talking about the changing weather and the seasons. What season are we in now? Have you seen any signs of this season?

Although Spring feels quite far away we have planted some bulbs so we can have a beautiful display of flowers when the time comes. First we had to get the weeds out and we even found last years potatoes. Then we could get started. Can you remember what we had to do? How did we plant the bulbs?

Down House 6th March 2020

Hello 6L!

Hope you are all well and ready for the first week of our ‘Long Distance Learning’ 🙂 As you know, we won’t be introducing any completely new learning as you might expect in school but the work you find here will make sure you don’t forget all the amazing skills you have gathered so far. I’m aiming to provide at least two hours worth of school work per day. I’ll be here to answer any questions you have and generally keep in touch with you all. 🙂

The first batch of work will appear tomorrow morning. In the meantime, here are some gorgeous pictures of our visit to Down House earlier this month. What a fantastic day that was!

Take care, Miss Lynch 🙂

Learning about using country roads safely.
Finches Workshop – what did Darwin notice?
Why did we find a little rectangle of grass so fascinating?
Can you remember how they tried to preserve this poor Mulberry Tree?
What was this circular object?
Darwin’s greenhouse
What type of plants did you see in the greenhouse?
Relaxing in Darwin’s actual bedroom!
What time did Darwin go for his ‘thinking walk’ everyday?
Enjoying lunch in the sunshine!