5F – Metamorphosis

This week, our caterpillars have arrived and we are observing them closely!

We have noticed lots of changes in their appearance, behaviour and their habit.

One set have already become chrysalises and another set looks close – you can see in this video that they’re moving to the top of their container, ready to form their cocoons.

We can’t wait to keep seeing what happens in the next few days!

Nursery are Butterfly Experts

We have been carefully watching the lifecycle of a butterfly and today we released them into our garden.

We have made some beautiful butterfly art work and learnt about symmetry.

Can you tell your family something you have learnt about butterflies?

Let’s Be Farmers – Year 1

Today, we had a great start to our new topic!

We had a special visitor…Farmer Fitz from Fitz’s farm in Catford. Farmer Fitz helped us to prepare our garden for planting and told us lots of useful information.

First, we took turns to tidy up the garden area. Farmer Fitz said we were very good at weeding and very fast too!

Then some of us made a list of the fruits, vegetables and flowers that we would like to grow. We can’t wait to get planting tomorrow!

Mr Wolf’s Pancakes

The nursery children have been enjoying the story ‘Mr Wolf’s Pancakes.’

The children recognised lots of familiar characters in the story from our Fairy tales topic and learnt some new character’s such as Wee Willie Winkie and Chicken Licken.

We learnt a new rhyme.

Listen to the rhyme at home. Can you remember the words?

We made shopping lists for the correct ingredients to make pancakes. Can you remember what we needed to make the batter?

We played shops and counted our money.
We made lists

Did you make pancakes at home? Send photos to nursery@holbeach.lewisham.sch.uk

5F – Science

In Science, we have been looking at the different theories around a geocentric vs a heliocentric system.

In the past, scientists thought that the planets orbited around the Earth (geocentric). We now know that the planets orbit around the Sun because it has a greater gravitational pull – because it is huge!

Today, we made models of our Solar System. We chose which fruit would represent which spherical body according to the size. We then put them in the correct order from the sun. Finally, we drew lines to represent the orbit of the planets around the sun.

We then wrote explanations to go alongside the models: