Year 5 Roman Museum

Year 5 were excited to welcome pupils, teachers and parents to the first day of their Roman Museum today as they were able to show off all of their learning from this terms topic. Visitors had the opportunity to dress as both soldiers and Roman citizens, dig for artefacts and test their knowledge of Roman numerals. The children were in hand to share all of their knowledge and give an insight into life in Roman times.

If you missed out today, be sure to pay a visit on our final day tomorrow.

2S – Healthy Snacks

On Tuesday we designed our own healthy snacks. We chose between a pitta pocket and a wrap.

Today we used lots of different skills to make our healthy snacks. Look at the pictures below, can you explain what skill is being used in each picture? What tips would you give for using the equipment safely?

After we had made them we went to the quiet area to enjoy our healthy snacks.

What did you enjoy the most? Was there an ingredient you would add next time?