3L – We made a Clay Tile of a Victorian House

Finally, we added the detail of the brickwork and the roof tiles. We used clay tiles to create the different textures.

Our tiles are now ready to be fired in a kiln.

Autumn is here!

This week we have been exploring ‘gifts from the trees.’

We have been looking at pine cones, leaves, chestnuts (conkers) and sycamore seeds and using them in our play.

Thank you for all of the Pumpkin and Gould donations. It has been interesting to compare the different shapes and sizes and weights.

See if you can find any special gifts from the trees. Look out for the beautiful autumn colours. 🍁

Paws, Claws and Roars role play.

1S were inspired by our visit to Port Lympne to create a dinosaur/safari/jungle role play area.

Last week the children were busy designing, writing lists and creating things that can be used in our role play.

They have been working really hard but most impressively working and collaborating really well together. Brilliant team work 1S!

Below are some pictures of what it looks like, now he children can’t wait to start using it today and further explore our topic.

Red Class Autumn Walk

Today, we were scientists out to investigate the signs of Autumn in the local park. We used all our sense, we listened to the birds and the crunching leaves, we looked at all the colours and shapes, we felt the bark of the tress and the wind against our faces, we smelt and tasted the air around us in different parts of the park.

Before we left, we wrote a park plan. We decided we needed to be sensible, look, listen, smell, touch, taste (only the air!), stay with our partners, walk in the line and to learn lots.

We’re going on a Bear Hunt!’

Nursery’s story of the week has been ‘We’re going on a bear hunt.’

We have been bringing the story alive by squelching in thick oozy mud and splashing in water.

Here are some pictures from the week.

Here is the story so you can share it together at home.

Parents/Carers- You could hide a teddy bear at home and see if your children can find it. Give verbal clues using positional language.

For example-

Under the table

Behind the door

Next to the chair

Next week we will be looking at signs of Autumn. We need some donations of pumpkins, squashes and gourds. Thank you for your support.