3K – Clay Houses

This term in Art we are making clay houses. Here is what we have done so far.

First we recalled the different elements of art including line, shape, pattern and texture.

Then we went out and sketched a Victorian house on Nelgarde Road. We looked carefully, thinking about the elements of art, and capturing detail.

Next we experimented with clay. We used different clay tools pattern the clay. We made different shapes by cutting the clay. We made a pinch pot and tried out the scratch and slip technique to join pieces of clay.

Finally we created our own clay house. We used guide sticks to roll out the clay to an even thickness (a new skills for today). Then we used the skills we had practised last week. We had to look at our sketch to remember all the details as we worked.

What different skills did you use today?

Here are some of our finished houses.

Can you remember what happens next?

Y1 – Safari Park and Dinosaur Forest!

After a very, very, very long coach journey (the children behaved so well despite this), we finally arrived.

First, we had a ride on the safari truck and saw lots of animals. We saw giraffes, rhinos, ostriches and antelope (to name a few!). What else did you see?

Then, we walked through the dinosaur forest!

After that, we spotted a cheetah before walking up a big hill and seeing the monkeys and gorillas.

Finally we walked up A LOT of steps to see the lions and tigers.

We had a great day and behaved so well. Well done 1L and thank you to the parents who helped us today.

Look at the photos and leave me a message on this blog to let me know which animal you liked best!

From Miss Little

Year 6 – Fronted Adverbials

In Literacy, we have been writing stories.

We have been thinking of ways to make our writing really interesting for the reader.

One way to do this is to vary the way we begin our sentences using fronted adverbials. In pairs, we came up with some brilliant ones to use in our stories.

Can you think of any more fronted adverbials that we could use in our writing tomorrow?