PE with Joe

Get your PE kits on Holbeach! Every day at 9am Joe Wicks is doing a live PE lesson. You can find it on You Tube by clicking here. Or click on one of the links below for a previous day’s lesson.

Please use the comments box below to let us know if you have already been joining in with Joe. How are you finding it? Have you got the whole family joining in?

A message from Joe – “Parents are going to be under pressure to keep their children occupied, so for 30 minutes every weekday I can take over and inspire and energise kids to get active, bounce around and have fun. You can even join in with the kids.”

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A Butterfly Man…

Purple Class, you have done such wonderful home learning this week! Well done everybody, I am really missing you all, but the photos you send me always fill my bucket and make me feel so proud! I love that you are all learning in such creative ways. Well done everyone! Why not leave a comment on the blog to tell your friends what you like about their work? If you would like your picture to be added, please email it to me so we can celebrate your home learning with a new blog .  Please have a restful weekend and keep safe.

Fantastic writing Haroun, you’ve remembered a capital letter and finger spaces.
This looks like such fun. I wonder what your favourite sea animal is? I love seahorses! Can you find out some interesting facts about your favourite sea animal?
This is so beautiful! I love that you have used your imagination to create a character in your picture.
Haroun has made a butterfly man, he is saving all the butterflies from slugs!

Dance workout

We couldn’t get the Body Coach on YouTube in school today, so we did Oti Mabuse’s Jungle Book dance class! It’s a good little work out, and it gets your brain thinking (especially if your co-ordination isn’t particularly good, like me!).

Why not have a go yourself?


Answer these funny questions with a yes or a no:

Is the sun wet?

Can a van go up a hill?

Has a cat got a web?

Is a lemon red?

Can a duck quack?

Are fish and chips food?

Is a thick book thin?

Can coins sing a song?

Can a coach zoom into the air?

Use these words and make some yes/no questions up for yourself:

nails shops hammer chop dark night cows car

fit can is are teeth fingers arms sail road bees buzz moon food hard mix win wig get

cat web jet robin

Of course, you can use any of the words from the questions as well. Write them down on some paper or in your book, and don’t forget to draw some pictures. Ask your family to answer the questions!

Some songs to sing

Firstly, I must apologise about last week’s songs – I didn’t realise that you would have to log in to Sing Up to view them until after I had posted. I’m afraid you have to have a subscription to view their songs – as we do in school. So here are some songs that I have chosen for this week from YouTube – 3 are from Sing Up that they release to the public, and one is a Sesame Street song.

Don’t forget to sing along – try and get the family to sing together, and follow the actions, or make up some of your own!


Lego, Writing and Collages

Good morning everybody,

I hope you all had a fun and relaxing weekend.

Please click on the link below:

A large 100-square, provides children with opportunities to notice features such as:

  • the same numerals appearing in lots of places
  • the same numeral being repeated down a whole column of numbers
  • the ‘1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9’ pattern being repeated in each row
  • the ’10 20 30′ pattern in the columns

Ask your child to count aloud to 100 and ask the following questions:

Do you know any numbers here? Can you see any numbers that are the same? Can you see your age? Your shoe size? Your door number? Your mummy or daddy’s age? Can you say all the numbers going along this row? Or down a line or column? Can you spot any patterns, or numbers repeated lots of times? I’m going to cover up one of the numbers. Can you tell me what it is? Or what it looks like?

As you count along with your child, try and make obvious mistakes, e.g. get stuck at 29, and say ‘twenty-ten’

Why not play a game of Snakes and Ladders or make a simple board game with your child – you could invent the rules!

Using some paper and pens, help you child to make an alphabet book. Encourage your child to draw and write particular words on the appropriate pages e.g. crocodile, paw patrol, Go Jetters etc. If you have access to a printer, you could print of some images for you child to cut and stick.

Wow, this is so beautiful, I would love to live in a house like this! It’s so colourful.
Sammy made this fantastic Lego train whilst following the instructions. Well done Sammy, what a great achievement – I always find it difficult to follow Lego instructions, you should feel really proud of yourself.
Amazing writing Sammy, you remembered to use a capital letter and finger spaces. I would love to be a passenger on this train. Have you every been to Thomas Land?

Please remember to draw with your child everyday and encourage them to put captions/sentences on their work using their own knowledge of letters, sounds, finger spaces and tricky words.


Hello Reception,

Welcome to Friday’s activty ideas, I hope you are having lots of fun and enjoying lots family time. Please keep sending me all the lovely pictures of you playing at home and I will try and post as many as I can to the blog each day. Make sure you all look after yourselves and your families and I cannot wait to see you all when school returns to normal.

This Week’s Maths Challenge – With your child help them to use their 10 fingers to make number bonds to 10 (2 numbers which add up to 10). Try recording them in a number sentence, have some fingers up and some fingers down e.g. 6 up and 4 down, record 6+4=10. Repeat with different amounts.

Physical Fun – 5-a-day Fitness is a collection of online 5-minute follow-along fun fitness routines with an array of different themes, from pirates to superheroes, and pop to jive. Resources can easily be used at any time, in most spaces, and without any physical equipment. 5-a-day Fitness would like to offer pupils a free subscription during these difficult times, as a gesture of goodwill. Please see the details below with information about how to access 5-a-day resources at home.

USERNAME: 5-a-dayAtHome    


Please visit to log in using these details. When your children becomes really confident with different dance moves, why not ask them to design your own exercise routine. Take turns teaching an “exercise class” to your favourite music. 

Children should be reading daily. Please remember that children should be reading to themselves but also to an adult or to a sibling and they should also be read to as well. Children’s understanding of their reading should also be checked with a variety of questions. Children should also be drawing daily and writing a sentence or a caption about their picture. This is really important as it will help them to continue to develop their writing and drawing skills.

Yesterday, I received some fabulous work from Bernard and his family:

This is spectacular, what brilliant, bright and bold colours you’ve used. You should be very proud of yourself. Do you remember when you drew a beautiful sun dragon at school and wrote a description about it? You sun dragon also had dangerous teeth, claws and wings, just like this dinosaur!
Wow, another dinosaur and I can see a huge speech bubble. Well done Bernard, I can see you are having so much fun at home!
I think Bernard you must really love dinosaurs…Does this dinosaur have a name? Is he from the Jurrasic period?

Visit Chester Zoo

Today Chester zoo will be throwing open their virtual gates. This might interest some animal lovers today. Maybe you can find out some new animal facts or draw some pictures of your favourite animals 

People can ‘visit’ the zoo live from 10am on today (Friday) and will tour various habitats every hour until 4pm.


Rhythm sticks

The children are used to making music with rhythm sticks – but you don’t need proper sticks, you can use anything in the house you can bang together – wooden spoons, twigs, pencils or pens and so on…

Have a look at this link on Youtube – the people from Makin’ Music will take you through the song. Everyone in the family can join in and have fun.

And here’s another song with movements for you from Pinkfong on Youtube.

Have fun!

from Miss Middleton