5F – Swimming

Well done 5F, you have completed your two week block of swimming every day!

We are so proud of you. You have all made great progress and are swimming brilliant.

Also, your behaviour has been amazing! You were mature, sensible and considerate of other people. You received complements from bus drivers, members of the public and your swim instructors!

Please ask your parents and carers to take you swimming again soon so that you keep all of the skills that you’ve gained!

Sports For Schools Event 2022

Today was a brilliant day!

We have raised £2,223 so far! This is absolutely AMAZING!

Everyone joined in with the sponsored circuit so well and Victoria was very impressed.

Before lunch, we had some special assemblies with Victoria. She told us about her own personal journey and how she became a sprinter. She told us how important it is to persevere and be patient when things get tough and not to give up! She overcame many challenges by trying AGAIN. Victoria is a great inspiration!

Thank you for visiting us Victoria!

I hope you enjoy looking back at the photos and videos below…

Well done Holbeach!

Here is the link for making a fundraising page. You have one week left to raise as much money as you can. Don’t forget, there will be prizes 🙂


Sports For Schools Event

Hello everyone!

We are looking forward to VICTORIA OHURUOGU visiting us next week (18th October)! Keep practising your four exercises. How many star jumps can you do in a minute? What about spotty dogs, push ups and leg drives?

You can set up a fundraising page using the link below.


Here is a link to the video you watched in assembly last week.

Have fun practising your moves and good luck fundraising!

We have raised over £600 so far! That’s fantastic! Keep going Holbeach and have lots of fun 🙂

KS2 Sports Day

Well done to Years 3,4,5 and 6 for showing our school values at your Sports Day.

As you can see below the children had a fantastic day.

All the team colours did impressively well and should be very proud.

Here are the final scores…!

Red Team- 486

Yellow team- 525

Blue Team- 425

Green Team-482

Well done Yellow Team for coming 1st!

The fastest runners in Year 5 and 6 were Wesley and Kadie.

The fastest runners in Year 4 were Rimaya, Nelly, Diana, Angel, Eden, Gill, Alfie, Mike-Curtis, Smith, Daisy and Miah.

The fastest runners in Year 3 were Sarah, Ianis, Hamza, Oscar, Daniel, Tristan, Ibadidi, Cassie-Ann, Stella, Elisabeth and Eden.