Sports Day ⚽🎽

Today 1S (despite the weather) took part in a fantastic Sports Day! Apart from being able to practice lots of skills every event was great fun! Look at the pictures below to tell someone at home about the day. What was your favourite activity? What skills did you practice?

Once we had taken part in all the activities it was time for the races. Miss Little called us one group at a time and we had races in groups of boys and groups of girls. The videos of the races are below.

Year 6 – Football ⚽

Thursday afternoon saw the whole of Year 6 leave Holbeach and head to Ladywell Fields for some football training! This term, we plan to spend one afternoon per week at Ladywell Fields developing our footballing skills.

We were very excited as we don’t have many opportunities to leave school at the moment. The sky was blue, the sun was shining and we certainly enjoyed the chance to run around on the grass.

Our P.E. focus was dribbling this week; concentrating on controlling the ball, awareness of the space around us and moving continuously.

We are already looking forward to next week. Only 6 more days to go! 😁