Sports Event

1S had a fantastic time this part in the ‘Sports for Schools’ events this morning. We completed our 4 exercise challenges and enjoyed the assembly by athlete Frederick Afrifa. Take a look at the photos and videos below. What was your favourite exercise? What do you think you were he best at?

Thank you to Miss Little for organising such a brilliant event! 👏 Also just a reminder that all sponsorship needs to be collected online by the 20th October (next Wedensday) – Thank you to everyone that has collected sponsorship money or sponsored someone!


Wow, Holbeach! We have raised so much money already- £1,329.22! Well done and keep going!

I would really like to put some posters up around the school to promote the event. If you would like to make a poster, I will display it for everyone to see! Don’t forget to make it bright and colourful and include all the important details including the different exercises to practise and the time and date of the event.

These links will help remind you all about the event.

I can’t wait to see your fantastic posters!

Miss Little

Dinosaur P.E

Today we became fossil hunters as we began learning a dance inspired by Mary Anning and her discoveries.

First we warmed up by skipping and freezing in shapes.

Then we became the sea, rising and falling like the waves. Once we had practiced rising and falling, we moved forwards and backwards too, to show he tide.

After that we became fossil hunters, taking step towards the cliff. Searching for fossils, picking them up and showing amazement our faces.

Next week we will focus on sequencing, putting all the actions together in a dance.

Sports Day ⚽🎽

Today 1S (despite the weather) took part in a fantastic Sports Day! Apart from being able to practice lots of skills every event was great fun! Look at the pictures below to tell someone at home about the day. What was your favourite activity? What skills did you practice?

Once we had taken part in all the activities it was time for the races. Miss Little called us one group at a time and we had races in groups of boys and groups of girls. The videos of the races are below.