Nursery Show & Tell

Ivy has been a busy bee!

She has been following our nursery home learning and made a boat.

She wanted a triangle sail. She knew that it needed three sides.
She carefully decorated it.
She tested it on the water. Hooray, it floats!
Oh dear! She learnt that cardboard wasn’t the best material to use.

Ivy has also been learning how to ride her bike without stabilizers.

Well done Ivy! I’m so proud of you.

Let us know what you have been doing at home. Email

Nursery Show & Tell

Happy Friday! We’ve had some busy bee’s this week!

Rosie has been watching her beans grow. She put the trays in different places to compare the effects of sunlight.

Wow, they have grown really tall! You could measure them each week using blocks or duplo. I wonder how many blocks tall they will grow?
Well done. You made a symetrical butterfly!
Lovely writing!
Word building. This is a great activity for the pool!

Mimi has been busy too…

Mimi made a fairy small world garden. The garden is a great place to play with small world figures.
Leaf rubbings. I can see the veins of the leaf!
Potato printing rainbows. Well done Mimi!
Potatoes have lots of good uses. Remember when we dug them out of the ground and made chips?

Eleanora has been busy in the garden.

Well done everyone! It would be lovely to hear from some more children too.

This week I said goodbye to my butterflys. They had grown really strong and were ready to fly away!

Have a lovely half term. Keep playing, explore nature, read books, bake, exercise and enjoy this family time.


Did you know that butterflies have symmetrical wings. That means that the wings are the same on each side. Can you make a symmetrical butterfly?

You could use twigs, stones and flowers from the garden or bricks, paint or shapes.

Send pictures of anything you have been doing at home. It doesn’t have to be my suggestions- your own ideas are great too!