Nursery Home Learning

Hello everyone!

It’s been lovely seeing some of you this week as you come in for your meetings.

Mrs Ruegg and I have been busy getting the new nursery ready for the children who are returning in September. It’s looking very homely already.

This week I have planned some activities around ice. Hopefully the sun will return so that you can do some melting experiments and enjoy some homemade lollies.

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Nursery Show & Tell

Rosie has been embracing the rain!

Here is a message from her Mum and some pictures that she shared.

‘Rosie has enjoyed exploring nature and her environment this week! She has loved going for walks in the rain with her colour changing umbrella and jumping in the puddles. She has shown a big interest in climbing trees and got more confident in doing it. We went down to the river and Rosie enjoyed finding and throwing stones to watch the effects of it in the water and the big splashes it made. Also we found loads of little frogs in the park which Rosie really liked holding and tried to keep them safe as they were really really little. ‘

Well done Rosie. Looks like great fun!

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Nursery Show & Tell

Ivy has been a busy bee!

She has been following our nursery home learning and made a boat.

She wanted a triangle sail. She knew that it needed three sides.
She carefully decorated it.
She tested it on the water. Hooray, it floats!
Oh dear! She learnt that cardboard wasn’t the best material to use.

Ivy has also been learning how to ride her bike without stabilizers.

Well done Ivy! I’m so proud of you.

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