Culture week in the Nursery

This week we have been learning about the world that we live in. Our focus country was Somalia.

Here are some of the activities the children have enjoyed.

1S Artists

This week we have been using paint to colour mix the right colours to create a picture of our chosen fruit. Can you explain how you used the powder paints for colour mixing?

The children observed closely to draw their shape outline. Then they mixed the colours and used them to add details and colour.

They look beautiful and I can’t wait to display them in the classroom.


This week in the nursery we have been learning about different types of vegetables and discussing the health benefits of eating our greens!

Nursery visit the Moon!

This week the children have been enjoying lots of books related to space. We have made rockets, dressed as astronauts and have been learning to count backwards from 5.

Today we took inspiration from the story ‘Whatever Next.’ We made sandwiches and had a picnic on the moon.

Look out of your window. Can you see the moon? What shape can you see tonight?

Handa’s Surprise!

This week nursery have been enjoying the story ‘Handa’s Surprise.’

Here are some photos of some of the busy activities we have done to understand the story better.

Can you tell your families the story of Handa’s Surprise? What happened at the end of the story?