Nursery make chips!

Today something exciting happened. Emmeline and Helen were digging the the garden and they discovered that some potatoes had grown!

They found 8 potatoes!

We spoke about what we could make with the potatoes and some children said chips.

Then we carefully chopped the potatoes into smaller pieces. It was very tricky.

While we waited for the chips to cook, we wrote some signs to tell people to come to our chip shop!

We washed up.

Hooray the chips are ready! We shared them with our friends. They were delicious.

Storm Ciara

Storm Ciara was a talking point today. We spoke about the weather over the weekend and looked at some pictures of the damage caused by the storm.

We went outside to look at the damage in our own garden.

We put on our coats independently. Please try this at home too.

It was still windy so we decided to make some kites.

Next, we flew our kites in the wind!

What a fun day of learning!

Nursery Snacks

Thank you for the snack donations. The children have been enjoying a variety of fruit and toast.

Yesterday we had a yummy treat. Guillermo (Alberto’s dad) baked us some delicious bread. We enjoyed with with some butter and jam!

Here are some pictures of the children using a knife to spread the jam.
See if they can do this at home.

What will your children be learning in the Spring Term?

Please click here for more information about your child’s topic this term

Let’s make pizza!

The children initiated a game of pizza making with the play dough. We decided to make some real pizzas that we could eat!

Together we thought of some toppings that we might like on our pizza. We wrote lists and made pizzas in our creative area.

We carefully spread tomato puree with a knife and chopped some vegetables. Next we grated and sprinkled on some cheese.


Pumpkin Fun in Nursery!

Thank you to everyone who donated pumpkins this week.
We have used them to create many learning opportunities!

We explored what was inside the pumpkins.