Nursery – Explorers, Researchers and Artists!

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Today we found a dead bee. Unfortunately it was floating in our outside water tray.

We carefully took it out of the water and examined it with our Magnifying glasses.

We had to look online to see what type of bee it was. It looked like a honey bee.

We decided to make a picture of the bee.

Oneida chose to use paint.
Finley wanted to cut and stick.
Louie’s bee painting.
Nayla’s bee painting.

Tomorrow we are going to taste some honey on toast!

Nursery – Our Nature Kitchen

We have been working on our nature kitchen to make it look more inviting.

Today, a delivery of bark arrived to cover the tarmac floor. It was very exciting!

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It came on a big truck.
We watched carefully as the crane lifted the big bag!
We started to fill our kitchen. We had to cover all of the floor.
This could take a while!
We worked out the best way to transport the bark.
What do you think?

I wonder what will be made in the nature kitchen?
Donations are always welcome of the following-

-Sticks, acorns, leaves, conkers, logs.

-Flowers that are past their best, herb plants or outdoor plants, seeds or bulbs.

– Vegetables that are past their best.

Nursery – The bees have been busy!

Today was the first day for our nursery full timers. They are ‘bee group’ and what busy bees they were!

Here are some photos of our morning.

Looking at photos together is a good way to prompt conversation. Ask your child open ended questions such as ‘What’s happening here?’ or ‘Tell me about this picture.’

Please send us a family photo for the children’s books.

Thank you to those parents that have sent one already.

Goodbye Nursery

Hi Nursery!

I’m so sad we didn’t get to finish our year together but hopefully you have made some amazing memories and are ready for the next stage of your lives.

I have put together some photos of our time at nursery.

Thanks for being a lovely class!

Enjoy the summer with your families.

We will miss you.

Mrs Collette, Mrs Ruegg, Mrs Williams and Miss Francis.


Nursery Show & Tell

Hi Nursery!

I hope you’ve all been busy at home?

Rosie has sent some pictures of what she has been up to this week.

Next week is the last week of term. I will be posting lots of photos of our memories of nursery this year.

Have a good weekend!

Nursery Home Learning

Hello everyone!

It’s been lovely seeing some of you this week as you come in for your meetings.

Mrs Ruegg and I have been busy getting the new nursery ready for the children who are returning in September. It’s looking very homely already.

This week I have planned some activities around ice. Hopefully the sun will return so that you can do some melting experiments and enjoy some homemade lollies.

Keep having fun at home! Play, talk, read and count. Send pictures to share with your friends. Email

Nursery Show & Tell

Rosie has been embracing the rain!

Here is a message from her Mum and some pictures that she shared.

‘Rosie has enjoyed exploring nature and her environment this week! She has loved going for walks in the rain with her colour changing umbrella and jumping in the puddles. She has shown a big interest in climbing trees and got more confident in doing it. We went down to the river and Rosie enjoyed finding and throwing stones to watch the effects of it in the water and the big splashes it made. Also we found loads of little frogs in the park which Rosie really liked holding and tried to keep them safe as they were really really little. ‘

Well done Rosie. Looks like great fun!

What has everyone else been doing? Email pictures to