Nursery – Playing with Pumpkins

Thank you for all of your pumpkin and squash donations. We have used them in so many ways!

In maths we have been comparing their size, shape and weight. We counted the pumpkins and predicted how many seeds were inside. ‘100!’

We have been developing our motor skills by pushing different things into the hard skin of the pumpkins.

We have been scientists by exploring the pumpkins and making spells inside the shell.

We have been writers by developing our mark making skills and drawing faces on the pumpkins.

Nursery – Firework Fun!

We had a fun filled firework themed day today!

First we listened to some firework sounds and made our own sounds with our voices and our bodies.

We also did lots of large scale mark making in different ways.

In Maths we counted backwards from 5 and blasted off like a rocket!

I hope you all got to see some pretty fireworks from your windows or gardens tonight.

Nursery’s Pyjama Day!

We had a lovely cosy day today in our pyjamas. First we showed everyone our pyjamas. Next we had a discussion on bedtime routines and the things we should do at bedtime.

Here were the children’s ideas-

-Have some warm milk

-Have a bath, shower or a wash

-Brush your teeth

-Wear cosy pyjamas

-Have a bedtime story

-Go to sleep around 7pm.

Please read to your children everyday. Stories at bedtime help promote sleep, language development, imagination and help them to understand the world.

At the end of the day, the children were presented with their very own Holbeach book bags and a book to keep. The children can bring their bag to nursery and borrow a book as often as they like.

Here are some pictures of our day.

At nursery we have been teaching the children to hold the book the correct way up, start at the beginning and turn one page at a time. They love to join in with repeated parts of the story!

This is the book that the children can keep. Happy Reading!

Red Class Are Artists

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Today, we looked at some art works by Chris Ofili.

“She has big eyes.”

“A necklace.”

“She has red lipstick.”

“I like her hair.”

“A monkey!”

“It has a very long tail.”

“What is he holding?”

“He’s got a hat!”

No Woman, No Cry 1998 Chris Ofili born 1968 Purchased 1999

“I don’t like it, she’s sad.”

“She’s crying.”

“Her chest is a fire.”

This week in Red Class we’re going ‘Into The Woods’, so we used this picture by Chris Ofili to inspire our drawings of trees.

We decided not to use a special ingredient Chris Ofili has used in the past, if you don’t know what it is ask Red Class.

“I drawed it, that’s beautiful! Yeah! Yahoo! That’s beautiful.”

Nursery – Explorers, Researchers and Artists!

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Today we found a dead bee. Unfortunately it was floating in our outside water tray.

We carefully took it out of the water and examined it with our Magnifying glasses.

We had to look online to see what type of bee it was. It looked like a honey bee.

We decided to make a picture of the bee.

Oneida chose to use paint.
Finley wanted to cut and stick.
Louie’s bee painting.
Nayla’s bee painting.

Tomorrow we are going to taste some honey on toast!

Nursery – Our Nature Kitchen

We have been working on our nature kitchen to make it look more inviting.

Today, a delivery of bark arrived to cover the tarmac floor. It was very exciting!

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It came on a big truck.
We watched carefully as the crane lifted the big bag!
We started to fill our kitchen. We had to cover all of the floor.
This could take a while!
We worked out the best way to transport the bark.
What do you think?

I wonder what will be made in the nature kitchen?
Donations are always welcome of the following-

-Sticks, acorns, leaves, conkers, logs.

-Flowers that are past their best, herb plants or outdoor plants, seeds or bulbs.

– Vegetables that are past their best.

Nursery – The bees have been busy!

Today was the first day for our nursery full timers. They are ‘bee group’ and what busy bees they were!

Here are some photos of our morning.

Looking at photos together is a good way to prompt conversation. Ask your child open ended questions such as ‘What’s happening here?’ or ‘Tell me about this picture.’

Please send us a family photo for the children’s books.

Thank you to those parents that have sent one already.