Memorable Experience – Mapping

Today we have become geographers and used a key to identify features in Ladywell Park.

First we created our own key. We thought about everything that we would see in Ladywell Park and created our own symbols to represent these on a map.

After lunch, we went on a walk around Ladywell Park and used our key to draw the symbols on the map.

“It was fun mapping” – Edgar

“It was fun and when we had more items on the map it was easier to draw the pictures where the next place was” – Sapphire

“It was great because we had to draw symbols from the key onto the map” – Aaron

“It was fun as we walked around Ladywell and we were finding different things to draw on our map” – Taiwo

“It was a bit tricky to find where you were on the map because there was nothing on it. Now I could find where I was on my map. – Danny

“It was great working with my partner and I think that the walk was wonderful” – Adrian

“I loved making up symbols for the key and then putting them on the map” – Dominic

“My favourite part was when I saw my Daddy with my dog” – Wanda

Year 5 Roman Museum

Year 5 were excited to welcome pupils, teachers and parents to the first day of their Roman Museum today as they were able to show off all of their learning from this terms topic. Visitors had the opportunity to dress as both soldiers and Roman citizens, dig for artefacts and test their knowledge of Roman numerals. The children were in hand to share all of their knowledge and give an insight into life in Roman times.

If you missed out today, be sure to pay a visit on our final day tomorrow.

DT-Healthy Eating

This term in DT, 2T have been learning all about eating healthily. We have learnt about how important it is to have balanced diet and that food can be grouped into proteins, carbohydrates, fats, dairy etc.

We went on to design our own healthy snack. We thought about having some protein in our snack and mixing it with food from the other food groups.

As we prepared our snacks today we practised cutting, grating and peeling. We then got to choose from lots of healthy options what went into our healthy snacks. We finished off by taking our snacks outside and having a mini picnic.

I hope you all enjoyed eating your healthy snacks!

Year 1’s Plant Stall!

Well done, Year 1! On Saturday, we sold lots of flowers and vegetables on our stall. We have been busy growing all term so it was great to see our produce sold to happy customers!

We told our customers how much everything was and they looked at our price lists.
We counted the money carefully and gave change.
Thanks for coming to our stall!


Today, 2T visited the seaside town of Whitstable in Kent. It was our memorable experience this term, as we have been comparing urban cities to the countryside and seaside.

First we had a look around the harbour. We could see some fishing boats with fishermen loading and unloading their special equipment. We saw lots of nets, equipment for catching oysters and anchors.

Next we went inside the fish market and had a look at all the different kinds of seafood that was for sale.

Then we walked along the coastal path alongside the beach. We saw lots of boats, fisherman’s huts and colourful beach houses.

Next, we walked along the path some more and stopped to have our lunch.

After lunch we explored the beach area. The tide was out so we could look and see what had been left behind when the water had gone out. We found lots of oyster shells, normal shells, seaweed and crabs amongst other things!

We hope you had a great day 2T. Let me know which bit was your favourite part of the day.

Fire Brigade Visit

On Monday Year Two had a very special visit from the Lewisham Fire Brigade. They came along with two of their fire engines, which they drove onto the playground!

2T were lucky enough to go outside first and have a look at the fire engine in more detail. The children got to see all the equipment behind the shutters, climb on board and have a look at all the gadgets. Then everyone got to try a helmet on. Once the children had climbed out the other side they each had a turn using the hoses. It was a lot of fun.

After this we all went inside and met Mark and Mustafa, who taught us all about fire safety.

It was a fantastic visit enjoyed by everyone.

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Lego Workshop

Year 5 had an amazing day of technology today, as they took part in a Lego workshop centred on their topic for this term, ‘Designing for Life.’

Each team was give the raw materials and tasked with laying out and building an entire town, including roads, railways and structures. They also, revised their knowledge of electrical circuits to add light and power to their cities.

DSC04814  DSC04816 DSC04812 DSC04811 DSC04810 DSC04809 DSC04807 DSC04813

1L tell stories to Nursery!

This morning, we had a sunny walk over to the Nursery. We took our English books with us so we could tell our Nursery friends the stories that we had written last week. It was very exciting.

Nursery really enjoyed our stories. Also, it was great making new friends!

After our brilliant storytelling, Nursery invited us to play with them. We loved playing with our new friends. Thank you sharing your toys with us!

Thank you Nursery!

Leave a message for your new friends on this blog! What did you like best about our morning?