1SJ Bee Bots

We’ve been having a brilliant time learning how to programme bee bots.
On the first day, we were robots and gave each other directions. We used half and quarter turns, left and right, forwards and backwards, and how many steps.
On the second day, we investigated the bee bots. We worked out how to programme them, how far they travel, the maximum number of instructions they can follow and we made them go around objects, and in squares and rectangles.
After that, we used them on bee bot mats and programmed them to go to specific squares.
Finally, we used the mats and wrote the code before programming the bee bots.

DSCF3147 DSCF3148 DSCF3150 DSCF3167 DSCF3171 DSCF3173 DSCF3296 DSCF3297 DSCF3300 DSCF3301 DSCF3303