Nursery – We’re going on a Bear Hunt

The nursery have been enjoying the Bear Hunt story and have been immersed in lots of new language.

Here is some of the learning in action.

We did some ‘swirling and whirling.’

Tomorrow we are going on a bear hunt around the school. I wonder how many bears we will find?

Listen to the story at home. Can your child join in with the repeated parts of the story?

4A Love the library! 📚

This morning, we got to visit the new Catford Library. We had a lovely morning. We had two stories read to us, were able to browse all the books available and were even able to check some out some books to borrow (but it’s important to remember these books need to stay in school, sorry). We’re really looking forward to a return visit after half term.

1L Read to the Giant

Did you know that a giant lives at the top of Holbeach?

Don’t worry, he is friendly!

On Monday, we found out that the giant is having trouble sleeping. This is because he never has a bedtime story!

Luckily, 1L worked really hard to write him a story. What story do you think we wrote?! Jack and the Beanstalk of course!

Today, we walked right to the top of the school and told him our stories. They were so good that he fell fast asleep! Well done 1L!