Spring in the Yarm Fard

We love poetry in 1B. This poem really made us laugh today. Can you work out what it means?

Spring in the Yarm Fard

The mat keowed
The mow cooed
The bog darked
The kigeon pooed

The squicken chalked
The surds bang
The kwuk dacked
The burch rells chang

And then, after all the dacking and the changing
The chalking and the banging
The darking and the pooing
The keowing and the kooing
There was a mewtiful beaumont
Of queace and pie-ate.
© Trevor Millum

Nursery make chips!

Today something exciting happened. Emmeline and Helen were digging the the garden and they discovered that some potatoes had grown!

They found 8 potatoes!

We spoke about what we could make with the potatoes and some children said chips.

Then we carefully chopped the potatoes into smaller pieces. It was very tricky.

While we waited for the chips to cook, we wrote some signs to tell people to come to our chip shop!

We washed up.

Hooray the chips are ready! We shared them with our friends. They were delicious.

We love our library!

Today, we visited the school library. We will now be visiting every Wednesday. We enjoyed reading lots of different kinds of books.

This is what some of us thought about our time in the library today…

“It was very relaxing” Julie-Grace

“It was very peaceful” Sam

“I liked the Where’s Wally books” Lorenzo

“I read our Penguin book in the library” Mason

Let’s make pizza!

The children initiated a game of pizza making with the play dough. We decided to make some real pizzas that we could eat!

Together we thought of some toppings that we might like on our pizza. We wrote lists and made pizzas in our creative area.

We carefully spread tomato puree with a knife and chopped some vegetables. Next we grated and sprinkled on some cheese.


Year 6 – Fronted Adverbials

In Literacy, we have been writing stories.

We have been thinking of ways to make our writing really interesting for the reader.

One way to do this is to vary the way we begin our sentences using fronted adverbials. In pairs, we came up with some brilliant ones to use in our stories.

Can you think of any more fronted adverbials that we could use in our writing tomorrow?