Year 6 – Fronted Adverbials

In Literacy, we have been writing stories.

We have been thinking of ways to make our writing really interesting for the reader.

One way to do this is to vary the way we begin our sentences using fronted adverbials. In pairs, we came up with some brilliant ones to use in our stories.

Can you think of any more fronted adverbials that we could use in our writing tomorrow?

6F – Contracted Words

In Literacy, we have been learning about contracted words. These are words which have been made up of two words. There is always an apostrophe and some letters are removed.

We found lots of contracted words which we use very frequently:

  • There is > there’s
  • we are > we’re
  • did not > didn’t
  • I will > I’ll
  • I am > I’m
  • could have > could’ve

Challenge: Can you find any more contracted words?