1L – The Magic Porridge Pot!

In Year 1, we have been reading the story of The Magic Porridge Pot. Here is a different version for you to enjoy!

Yesterday, we role played the story!

Then we made and ATE porridge! It was very exciting but we had to remember the words to make the porridge stop cooking! Luckily we all did!

Tell someone at home how to make porridge.

Me and Mister P

We have almost finished our ‘class read’. We will be sad to say goodbye to Mr P and the author Maria Farrer who has been replying to Ms Chambers’ tweets.

If you would like to find out what happens to Mr P, there are more adventures to enjoy!


Spring in the Yarm Fard

We love poetry in 1B. This poem really made us laugh today. Can you work out what it means?

Spring in the Yarm Fard

The mat keowed
The mow cooed
The bog darked
The kigeon pooed

The squicken chalked
The surds bang
The kwuk dacked
The burch rells chang

And then, after all the dacking and the changing
The chalking and the banging
The darking and the pooing
The keowing and the kooing
There was a mewtiful beaumont
Of queace and pie-ate.
© Trevor Millum