Today, 2T visited the seaside town of Whitstable in Kent. It was our memorable experience this term, as we have been comparing urban cities to the countryside and seaside.

First we had a look around the harbour. We could see some fishing boats with fishermen loading and unloading their special equipment. We saw lots of nets, equipment for catching oysters and anchors.

Next we went inside the fish market and had a look at all the different kinds of seafood that was for sale.

Then we walked along the coastal path alongside the beach. We saw lots of boats, fisherman’s huts and colourful beach houses.

Next, we walked along the path some more and stopped to have our lunch.

After lunch we explored the beach area. The tide was out so we could look and see what had been left behind when the water had gone out. We found lots of oyster shells, normal shells, seaweed and crabs amongst other things!

We hope you had a great day 2T. Let me know which bit was your favourite part of the day.

Isle of Wight- The First Evening

Hello everyone! We’ve arrived safe and sound at the hotel and it’s great!

For dinner, we had pizza, wedges, salad and we even got pudding!!

We made our way down to the beach and have had lots of fun (and it wasn’t even too cold!)

We’re now all tucked up in bed ready for a good night’s sleep!

Crofton Roman Villa

Year 5 were transported back in time (and to Orpington) yesterday to spend the day as archaeologists at a real-life excavation of a Roman Villa. The classes were able to find out about the discovery of the site and explore what remains of what was once a farmhouse. They also had the opportunity to create mosaics, sketch genuine artifacts from the site, try brass-rubbing and dress in Roman clothes.

Funfair Physics Trip

Year 5 fully embraced the laws of physics today as they headed to Crystal Palace Park to learn about the Physics of the funfair. By being thrown around on waltzers and dodgems, and working their way through the Crazy House, 5C experienced all of the forces we have been talking about in class, and looked in more depth at the rides when they returned back to school.

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