DT-Healthy Eating

This term in DT, 2T have been learning all about eating healthily. We have learnt about how important it is to have balanced diet and that food can be grouped into proteins, carbohydrates, fats, dairy etc.

We went on to design our own healthy snack. We thought about having some protein in our snack and mixing it with food from the other food groups.

As we prepared our snacks today we practised cutting, grating and peeling. We then got to choose from lots of healthy options what went into our healthy snacks. We finished off by taking our snacks outside and having a mini picnic.

I hope you all enjoyed eating your healthy snacks!

Y5 – Roman Sandals

Over the last two weeks, 5C have been looking at the function and fashion of Roman clothing and, in particular, sandals.

We looked at examples of both modern and ancient sandal designs before planning our own sandals. We made templates which were then formed into paper prototypes, before making our final versions from synthetic leather. You can see some more of our designs at the Roman Museum on Monday and Tuesday next week.

Lego Workshop

Year 5 had an amazing day of technology today, as they took part in a Lego workshop centred on their topic for this term, ‘Designing for Life.’

Each team was give the raw materials and tasked with laying out and building an entire town, including roads, railways and structures. They also, revised their knowledge of electrical circuits to add light and power to their cities.

DSC04814  DSC04816 DSC04812 DSC04811 DSC04810 DSC04809 DSC04807 DSC04813

Making Bread for the Little Red Hen ( and ourselves)!

 Yesterday, we received a letter from our chick’s Mother, The Little Red Hen. She was very upset and told us that nobody would help to make the bread for the chicks. Luckily, 1L have come to the rescue and made some bread today! We all worked as a great team. We also made enough for us too! Tell someone at home how to make bread using the photos below!

1SJ Pancakes

We’ve been cooking again!

Yesterday we made pancakes.  We weighed the flour, cracked the eggs and measured the milk.  Then we whisked it all together to make pancake batter.  Miss Bell fried them carefully.  Next was the delicious part! We followed our designs, added lots of toppings and then ate them up! Yum, yum!

DSCF2784 DSCF2785 DSCF2786 DSCF2787 DSCF2789 DSCF2791 DSCF2792 DSCF2793 DSCF2794 DSCF2795 DSCF2796 DSCF2797 DSCF2799 DSCF2800 DSCF2801 DSCF2802 DSCF2805 DSCF2806 DSCF2807 DSCF2809 DSCF2810 DSCF2811 DSCF2813 DSCF2815 DSCF2816 DSCF2817 DSCF2818 DSCF2819 DSCF2820 DSCF2821 DSCF2822 DSCF2823 DSCF2826 DSCF2827 DSCF2828 DSCF2829

Somethings cooking…












5C turned into a Cordon Bleu chef school today as the class rolled up their sleeves to make the soups they had planned last week as part of their Design and Technology project.

The class learned about food safety, preparation and cooking, and tasted a number of soups, the recipes for which they decided upon themselves. Tomorrow we will be deciding which soup was the most popular and recreating is to serve at the Water Celebration on Wednesday.