Final Bee bot lessons

This week we have been programming the bee-bots and learning how to debug a sequence. Yesterday we worked with our partner to choose 2 positions on the bee bot mat and work out a route for our bee bot to take.

Today we used the bee bots to plan 2 different routes for the same start and end points. Again we had to plan the 2 seperate routes and test them out on the bee bots.

Giving Directions

Today we went outside and became bee-bot robots! We are learning how to follow and give instructions. Working with our partner, we took it in turns to be the robot.

Our partner had to give us instructions and then we followed them. We practised the instructions forward, backward, turn left and turn right. We had to make sure we gave a number at the end of our instuctions e.g forward 3, turn left, forward 1, backwards 2.

Can you turn someone at home into a bee bot? See if they can follow your instructions. Perhaps they could give you some instructions?

Computing – Missing Posters

When we came back after the half-term we were shocked to find Marvin (our class bear) missing!!!

We have been learning to type on a keyboard and used those skills to create lost posters for Marvin. Then we printed them off and drew a picture of Marvin to show what he looks like.

The children are bringing home the posters to put in the window. I hope we find Marvin soon!!!