This term we became detectives to help Mr Bulpitt solve the mystery of the missing cake.  He emailed us the details and we used our computing skills to help us sort through the clues.  When we had collected all the information we entered it onto a spreadsheet.  Then we looked at how to filter the information to identify the thief.

Look at the data. Can you remember how to use the filter button? How did it help us?


We have used lots of different IT equipment this year including ipads and laptops that we can use to go online.  It is important to know how to stay safe when we are using the internet.  We read the story of Smartie the penguin and helped him make good decisions about what to do when things go wrong online.  Can you remember some of the things that Smartie had to think about?

Then we made our own posters to help people stay safe online.  Tell someone at home the important messages you included on your poster.


This term in computing we helped Mr Bulpitt solve the mystery of the missing cake!

We received an email asking for help and began to investigate. We got some written information and audio clips with clues. Once we had collated all the information we put them into a spreadsheet.

Using the filters on Microsoft Excel we were able to identify the person and solve the mystery.

As we were sending and receiving emails we also talked about e-safety, particularly with emails. We thought of some top tips and created posters to let everyone else know how to stay safe on the internet and particularly when using emails.

The Romans Come Alive

5C have been getting up close with the Roman empire in miniature this week through the use of augmented reality. The class looked at the features of a Roman soldier, as well as exploring a Roman villa and artefects, using iPads to see interactive 3D models in the classroom.

If you would like to have a go at home, pupils can download the app and triggers for free, using their LGFL logins, from the following addresses:

Romans in London Website

iOS (Apple) –

Android –

Picture Dictionaries – 5C

Do you know what an Ostler is? How about a French cocked-hat or a love-knot?

5C had a chance to apply the computer research skills they learnt earlier in the year today, as they sought to unpick the meaning of some of the vocabulary from Alfred Noyes’ The Highwayman for our English unit.

After finding unfamiliar words in the poem, we used online dictionaries and search engines to find pictures and definitions which we then put into our own picture dictionaries.

Can you find the meaning of the following words?

torrent moor casement bonny red-coats tawny stirrups

We are Cryptographers

5C began a new unit of work for Computing today in which we will be learning to program secret message encryption software in Scratch.

Linking with our topic ‘The Roman Invasion’, we began by looking at how ancient civilisations might have sent messages quickly and efficiently over long distances, and using semaphore, had a go at sending and receiving our own messages.

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