Vector Drawings

Year 5 displayed the Vector Drawings we created this half term as part of our Water Exhibition.

We used drawing software to create images with different shapes. We had to be able to layer the shapes in the right order and think about how to resize and colour them. We have also had to think about the keyboard shortcuts for copying, pasting and grouping objects.

Computing in 1L

Today, we used the laptops to practise using the trackpad to move objects on the screen. We completed lots of small puzzle pictures.

We used two hands: one for holding down the button and another for the finger to slide across the trackpad.

Maybe you could practise your mouse/trackpad skills at home? Can you move an object around the screen?

Here is the link we used so you can practise at home too. Remember to stay safe online and always tell a grown up if you are worried about something.

Computing- Networks

5B thought about how information can travel along a network.

The ‘packets’ of information need to be addressed correctly before they can travel along the network. We modelled how IP addresses communicate with each other when sending this information. To reach the destination, the packets visit different routers along the way before being assembled again.