Computing – Missing Posters

When we came back after the half-term we were shocked to find Marvin (our class bear) missing!!!

We have been learning to type on a keyboard and used those skills to create lost posters for Marvin. Then we printed them off and drew a picture of Marvin to show what he looks like.

The children are bringing home the posters to put in the window. I hope we find Marvin soon!!!

Computing – track pad skills.

So far this half term we have been talking about information technology and identifying technology around us. Today we began learning some computer skills. Using the pictures below, can you identify the different parts of the laptop?

We started by using the keyboard to log in and then Miss Spicer put us on a puzzle game to help us improve our dragging and dropping skills. We had to hold down the left click to select and use the trackpad to move the pieces into place.

Can you tell someone at home what you had to do? What did you enjoy? Was anything tricky?