5F – Art

In art, we have been sketching fruits and vegetables that would have been eaten in Ancient Rome, in preparation for our still life at the end of the unit.

We started off by analysing and annotating examples of still life:

Then, we spent some time doing close observational drawings of the fruits and vegetables.

We considered shape, texture, pattern and tone. We worked hard to make the sketches appear 3D- thinking about where the light fell on our objects.

Look at these amazing sketches:

5F – Printing

In 5F, we have been printing!

At the beginning of term, we did some close observational sketches of flowers. We then selected the most interesting section of our sketch to design our printing tile.

Last week, we transferred the outline of the design onto polystyrene tiles. We then covered the tile in ink and printed it onto paper.

We then washed and dried the tile and added the details, patterns and textures and repeated the printing process in a different colour.

Have a look below at some of the wonderful outcomes:

They really rival William Morris’ wallpaper designs!