Educational Visit to The Ragged School Museum

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On Monday, 3C and 3G went to the Ragged School Museum. We went there by coach and we saw some amazing buildings along the way.

At the Ragged School Museum, we went into a pretend Victorian classroom. There was a person called Nicky who (when she put on her glasses) she turned into Miss Perkins, a Victorian teachers. She was very strict and said that children should be seen but not heard. She also tapped her cane on the table. She wrote our names on the slates, took the register and did some sums with an abacus. If a child got the answer wrong they would wear a Dunce’s hat and if a child fiddles with their fingers they would have to wear finger stocks! I am glad Holbeach is not like those schools.

Haasya (3C)

What are your memories of this visit? Why not share them with us below.