Come through our magic doors.

Red Class have been reading the Stick Man and Leaf Man stories. We imagined what the doors to their houses might look like. We had great ideas…

We made some magic doors from our designs…

Who or what might live behind these doors?

Sybil Phoenix

We learnt about Sybil Phoenix’s hard work and amazing achievements, helping children and young people in Lewisham. We saw the medals she was awarded for her MBE and OBE. We thought about why we might get a medal from the Queen. We are great at lots of things…

Further Into The Woods. Red Class are explorers and inventors.

We read the book “Slowly, Slowly, Slowly,” Said the Sloth by Eric Carle.

We looked at the animals that the sloth might see in his rainforest home.

Look at the pictures we made using our rain forest facts.

We made puppets and models:

We learnt about Lonnie Johnson. He was an aerospace engineer and worked for NASA in America. He also invented the “Super Soaker” water pistol. Lonnie Johnson inspired us to design our own Super Soakers.

Red Class Are Inventors

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Today, we learnt about Garrett Morgan.

We started the day playing a traffic light game in the big playground.

We ran on green, walked on amber and stopped for red.

Garrett Morgan was an inventor, he added an amber light to traffic lights, this stopped a lot of accidents.

Then we became inventors and designed our own amazing robots.

“When my robot thinks he can make fire and he shoots and catches all the baddies.”
“My robot chops carrots.”
“My robot is fixing something, it’s shooting there. A giant lever up and this one is where they open the door. They are outside building.”
“It cleans up poo from the floor, he cooks cucumber and makes salad.”
“At the beach, I’m wearing my swimming clothes. My robot can make a beach and make my dreams come true. It can fly!”
“My robot is a machine that makes toys.”
“My robot flies to zippy land, past my dad work, green bicycle, and takes me straight there with my little sister.”
“This is the stop light, the red one, this is the water coming out when I’m dead. Yellow light so I’m walking slowly, green light so I’m walking back. There’s a hole and a round circle at me and a red line that says get out of the house!”
” I fell in the bush with stinging nettles. My robot do let me do park but I’m fell in bush and then riding bike.”
“He cooks me pizza and makes me rainbow toys.”
“Here’s the oven and it’s outside cooking and that’s where the coffee and ketchup come out and there are his wings and there are his legs. That’s the cupboard with the biscuits, that’s where I keep my panda biscuits. That’s the stove and that one has pockets. Circle cheeks.”
“My robot have some cross eyes for a bit, pointy teeth, big teeth here and a space ship there. One big eye.”
“My robot has 3 eyes, he runs and runs and take me to the park and plays with me.”
“He came to the shop to do some shopping.”
“It going in park, playing, playing all day, unicorn toys.”
“My robot has a big tummy because it needs to cook everything. And it has a big round tummy.”
“My robot can fly. I go inside there and it’s got wheels there. That’s where I’m hiding something, a cake!”
“These are my 2 robots. They can fly and cook beef. They can draw number.”
“Robot cooking like that.”
“My robot builds towns.”
“It’s a birthday cake robot that makes rainbow cakes for everyone.”
“My robot flies to the moon.”
“My robot cooks chicken, salad and he can cook whatever you like.”

Red Class Are Artists

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Today, we looked at some art works by Chris Ofili.

“She has big eyes.”

“A necklace.”

“She has red lipstick.”

“I like her hair.”

“A monkey!”

“It has a very long tail.”

“What is he holding?”

“He’s got a hat!”

No Woman, No Cry 1998 Chris Ofili born 1968 Purchased 1999

“I don’t like it, she’s sad.”

“She’s crying.”

“Her chest is a fire.”

This week in Red Class we’re going ‘Into The Woods’, so we used this picture by Chris Ofili to inspire our drawings of trees.

We decided not to use a special ingredient Chris Ofili has used in the past, if you don’t know what it is ask Red Class.

“I drawed it, that’s beautiful! Yeah! Yahoo! That’s beautiful.”