Red Class Summer Party

We had so much fun at our party today! In the morning, we made hats, look how fancy we are.

We started our party with a cooling ice lolly and a film.

Then, we played the chocolate game. We had to wiggle our faces to move the chocolate down to our mouths. No hands! We had quite sticky faces.

After that, we played musical statues.

Then, we had some party food, yum!

We finished with a game of Simon Says. Thank you for being such fantastic party people Red Class!

Red Class Food Tasting

It’s Culture Week at Holbeach School. This week, we are learning all about Somalia. Today, we found Somalia and England on a map. We talked about Africa and Europe as continents. We talked about Catford being in Lewisham, being in London, being in England, being in the United Kingdom, being in Europe! Then we talked about Mogadishu being in Somalia, being in Africa!

First, we tried samosas. We looked, felt, smelt and tasted them.

Red Class thought they were smooth, rough, oily, spicy, crunchy and golden.

Then, we tasted dates. We were very careful with the stones inside.

Red Class thought the dates were sticky, sweet, smooth, brown, shiny and bumpy.

Red Class Subtraction Stars.

We have been thinking about subtraction or minus or take away this week in our maths times. We have been using cubes and other objects to work out some subtraction problems.

We subtracted cubes, beads and even children! Today we wrote our number sentences on our whiteboards. We are using the sign with our numerals.

We’re going to keep practising at home and at school. Have a go at some subtraction sentences using objects at home….toys, socks, blocks…your dinner! Can you subtract vegetables by eating them? Try it and see.

Red Class: Save Our Seas.

We have been inspired by the books:

Somebody Swallowed Stanley.
Duffy’s Lucky Escape!

We thought about all the plastic that people throw away, and how it affects animals and fish in the oceans, rivers and seas. We researched rubbish in the sea and watched this report on Newsround.

We decided to write our ideas about how to keep the seas clean. have a look at what we wrote.