Red Class and the Three Little Pigs

We have huffed and puffed our way through another brilliant week of remote learning. Well done Red Class we are so proud of you all.

We drew the start of the story with Mummy pig sending the 3 little pigs out.

We built houses and tried to blow them down.

We made puppets to tell the story.

We made new plans to protect the brick house from the wolf.

In PE we went horizontal climbing.

Red Class and The Gingerbread Man

Wowzers Red Class, another fantastic week of home learning. You are all doing so well, we’re really proud of all of you.

Here is some of the incredible work you have done this week.

This week we have been working on The Gingerbread Man. We told the story with lots of actions, we built up a story map with characters, labels and settings. We drew characters from the story with speech bubbles. Then, at the end of the week we made story maps with our own animals in.

We had a lot of fun with our magical maths remotes, the maths magic was so strong, I got very dizzy from all the spin buttons you were pressing!

Well done Red Class!

We are detectives!

In Red class we are fantastic detectives. We look for clues and share our ideas with our evidence. Today, we had a close look at this picture and answered these questions.

What are they?

Where are they?

What time of year is it?

How are they feeling?

Like real detectives we had to give evidence. We said “I think….. because…..”

Here’s the full story.

Can-Do Dinosaurs: What superpower does your dinosaur have?

Red Class looked at non-fiction books about dinosaurs.

We wrote facts about a dinosaur that:


or stood on two legs

or had a long tail

We asked why the dinosaurs looked like this. Look at our facts. Dinosaurs have superpowers!

Guess which number we started with…

Red class can count 1 more than the number we started with. We looked at a number, counted 1 more, then showed the answer on our fingers. Which number did we start with?

Look at the way we made this number. Can you tell what it is?

Did guess it? 11