Red Class in the Spring

On Monday, we planted cress seeds, we gave them some water and placed the trays around the room.

On Tuesday, some of the seeds had started to germinate. We talked about which trays had most seeds starting to grow and why that might be.

We watched this video, and in PE we pretended to be little beans, we slowly grew until we were waving in the breeze and feeling the warm sun on our leaves.

We shared this story and then we slowed down and hurried up as we pretended to be hares, tortoises, butterflies, caterpillars and bees in PE.

Red Class the Brave!

This week we have been reading Max The Brave.

We answered these questions;

What is max looking for?

Why does the mouse say it is a monster?

What do you want to be?

We drew ourselves in brave stances and wrote about what we want to be.

On Tuesday, we answered these questions;

Who does Max meet?

What does the mouse know about cats?

Then we wrote some ‘I can see….’ sentences.

Red Class: We’re Back!

We have really enjoyed our first week back at Holbeach. We have been counting past 10.

We counted teen numbers. Listen to our Teen Number Song to help you count with us.

We made long, long, long, chains of linking elephants and camels. It was the biggest count in the room! We counted more than 100. Look around for more things to count.

We also thought about what we find scary about monsters in stories. We read the story Where the Wild Things Are to help us think about monsters. Listen to the story here:

We had some great ideas. Can you think of any more scary things about monsters?

Red Class and Ruby’s Worry

In Red Class, we have been talking a lot about feelings.

We looked at these pictures and we discussed these questions.

What is Ruby doing?

How is she feeling? How do you know? We looked at the differences between the two expressions.

What do you do when you feel like this?

Today, we looked at this picture. We began by saying all the things we could see. Then we talked about where we thought she was, we gave evidence for our ideas. We talked about how Ruby was feeling, we looked at her expression and body language and we discussed what it told us.

We wrote some of our own ‘I can see’ sentences.

Red Class, World Book Day

To celebrate World Book Day, we have looked at a different story every day.

On Monday we shared Jackson and the Hairstalk.

We drew ourselves with Hairstalks and drew and labeled all the magical things which might fall out of them.

On Tuesday, we shared My Big Shouting Day. We drew ourselves looking grumpy and thought of ways we can cheer ourselves up when we’re feeling down.

On Wednesday, we shared Perfectly Norman. We drew ourselves with amazing wings and wrote lots of the things that make us perfectly us.

Thursday was World Book Day, we dressed up as book characters. We shared the story Box of Tricks. We drew ourselves as magicians with all the magic things we would make appear.

On Friday, we had some stories to watch as well as lots of activities to do away from our screens.