Happy Easter Purple Class

I am so proud of all that the children have achieved this term in Purple Class. We thank you for all of the hard work and support that you have been giving, and we hope everyone is able to have a restful spring break. We look forward to seeing you again after the Easter break.

This week the sun has made a special appearance and we have enjoyed making the most of the sunshine!

We worked together to create mini pools.

We have been sculptors:

Patryk made burger, chips and an hotdog.
Anaise made a person.
Keon made a person.
John made a spider.

Xavier and Rudy enjoyed making a market stall:

Lara made a bag containing an eyeshadow, lipstick and a laptop.

Giants and Dragons…

It has been a great pleasure to welcome the children back to Purple Class. We have tried to concentrate on wellbeing this week and getting the children back to enjoying school.

Our curriculum focus over this past week has been giants and dragons. We read the stories ‘Shhh’ as well as the traditional tale ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ and finally ‘George and the Dragon’.

We made Giant puppets and castles:

We have engaged in small world play:

We made the dragons fiery breath!

Did you know there are lots of different types of dragons? We enjoyed describing sun, ice and garden dragons. The children created dragons and wrote sentences describing them. The children were fantastic at remembering to use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. I was so impressed with how confident the children were at sounding out words to spell.

This week Ms Francis and I have been very busy creating a nature area for the children in our Reception playground. We are always seeking to improve our outside area and we are particularly keen to source recycled or natural materials. If you have anything you no longer need and would like to make a donation we would be incredibly grateful.

Below is a list of the kind of items we would be eager to take:

Pallets, guttering, tubes, large rocks or stones, cable drums, seeds, plants, fake grass, herbs, compost, logs, tree trunks, pine cones, water pump, old pots and pans, utensils – ice cream scoops, ladles, spoons etc.

A Magical Mess

There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing! In Purple Class we go out in all weathers. Today, we enjoyed jumping in muddy puddles, sticking our tongues out to feel the rain and experimenting with water flow and colour mixing.

‘This is the best day ever!’ – Xavier

The children explored colour mixing on a large scale. The children made orange, purple, pink and green.

On the art table today we learnt how to use soft pastels.

On the dough table we created rainbow cookies for Santa!

Developing our skills in Woodwork…

Woodwork has many benefits for children’s learning. It is an enjoyable activity and the levels of concentration, engagement and perseverance when working with wood are often unmatched in other activities. 

Woodwork has been helping the children to develop both their gross and fine motor skills e.g., by using a saw, holding a nail in place and using both one-handed and two-handed tools. Hand-eye co-ordination is also developing as children learn to handle tools with increasing control and care.

For pattern week, the children enjoyed creating their own patterns using buttons.

For space week, the children designed their own aliens:

Creating with Clay

Our clay journey began a few weeks ago with the children discovering, playing with and exploring clay. The children have enjoyed first hand ways of working with the clay by pinching, twisting, rolling and poking.

Using clay can connect children to an important natural resource that has been used for the creation of objects for thousands of years. We discovered that clay in the past has been used for containers to store crops, water, seeds; bowls to eat and drink out of and pots to cook with.

The children have enjoyed learning how clay behaves and have started to learn various hand building techniques. The children took a piece of clay 5cm in diameter, rolled the clay into a ball, whilst in the palm of their hand, they used their thumb to pierce a hole in the middle and started to use the technique of ‘pinch and push’ to create a thumb pot or pinch pot.

We celebrated Diwali the Hindu Festival of Light by making diva lamps using the same hand building techniques. We also enjoyed painting and decorating them.

We practised making our clay flat and used other natural materials to create self portraits.

This is Saanjana’s self portrait!

Oisin even made a car and a little person!

Anaise made some teacups

Alberto made a portcullis (castle gate)

We have also enjoyed using tools and different objects from around the class to press and print with.