A Magical Mess

There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing! In Purple Class we go out in all weathers. Today, we enjoyed jumping in muddy puddles, sticking our tongues out to feel the rain and experimenting with water flow and colour mixing.

‘This is the best day ever!’ – Xavier

The children explored colour mixing on a large scale. The children made orange, purple, pink and green.

On the art table today we learnt how to use soft pastels.

On the dough table we created rainbow cookies for Santa!

Developing our skills in Woodwork…

Woodwork has many benefits for children’s learning. It is an enjoyable activity and the levels of concentration, engagement and perseverance when working with wood are often unmatched in other activities. 

Woodwork has been helping the children to develop both their gross and fine motor skills e.g., by using a saw, holding a nail in place and using both one-handed and two-handed tools. Hand-eye co-ordination is also developing as children learn to handle tools with increasing control and care.

For pattern week, the children enjoyed creating their own patterns using buttons.

For space week, the children designed their own aliens:

Creating with Clay

Our clay journey began a few weeks ago with the children discovering, playing with and exploring clay. The children have enjoyed first hand ways of working with the clay by pinching, twisting, rolling and poking.

Using clay can connect children to an important natural resource that has been used for the creation of objects for thousands of years. We discovered that clay in the past has been used for containers to store crops, water, seeds; bowls to eat and drink out of and pots to cook with.

The children have enjoyed learning how clay behaves and have started to learn various hand building techniques. The children took a piece of clay 5cm in diameter, rolled the clay into a ball, whilst in the palm of their hand, they used their thumb to pierce a hole in the middle and started to use the technique of ‘pinch and push’ to create a thumb pot or pinch pot.

We celebrated Diwali the Hindu Festival of Light by making diva lamps using the same hand building techniques. We also enjoyed painting and decorating them.

We practised making our clay flat and used other natural materials to create self portraits.

This is Saanjana’s self portrait!

Oisin even made a car and a little person!

Anaise made some teacups

Alberto made a portcullis (castle gate)

We have also enjoyed using tools and different objects from around the class to press and print with.

Purple Class – A New House for Mouse

This week we read the story: A new House for Mouse and Rosie’s Visitors. We drew designs for houses, built dens in the outside area and made mouse puppets.

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We have enjoyed lots of different activities this week.

We have been exploring the properties of ice. We made ice puddings and enjoyed cracking the ice open with hammers. We discovered frozen sunflowers inside the ice. We use lots of descriptive language to talk about what we felt and discovered e.g., ‘freezing’, ‘frosty’, ‘icy’.
We have developed our skills in woodwork. We used a variety of resources to make new houses for our mice as well as other things such as aliens, people and other animals.
We enjoyed chopping herbs, slicing lemons and limes and mixing water. We made potions, perfume and snake poison! We are getting better at using one handed tools and we will soon be strong enough to hold pencils with the correct pincer grip.
We are now independent when using the easel. We can collected our own paper, paintbrushes and choose the type of paint we want to use. We know that when we have finished we must write our names on our work and place it on the drying rack.

Next week, we will be focusing on Autumn, the changes we can see in our local environment as well reading the stories: Leaf Man, Pumpkin Soup and Hurry, Hurry Mary Dear!

Into The Woods…

We love sharing books in reception and this week we have been reading, The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson.

We drew pictures of the gruffalo:

We made gruffalos’ from play dough

We learnt what the word feast means. We created food for our very own feast.

We made logpile houses and drew snakes with oil pastels.

Next week, we will be continuing with the theme ‘Into the Woods’. We will be reading Rosie’s Visitors as well as other stories linked to this topic.

Into the Woods…

We have had some bear-tastic fun in Purple Class this week. We have worked hard making our very own bear puppets. We designed costumes for the bears including facemasks ‘so the bears can go to Tescos’.

Here are some of the bears we made!

We have had lots of fun making perfume for the bears. We all worked very hard on developing our hand eye coordination and also building the muscles in our hands by using the one handed tools to crush, scoop, pour and pinch the flowers and scented water into containers.

We played with the chocolate play dough and made an assortment of cookies and biscuit bears.

I would like to remind all parents to please ensure their child comes to school with a named water bottle. Additionally, as the weather is getting colder please make sure your child has a warm coat with their name and class written inside. Book bags must come to school everyday and we would like you to encourage your child to carry them in.

It’s been an absolutely amazing start to the year, your children are flourishing and I look forward to all the time we will be spending together.