Sports day results!

Just in case you haven’t heard…here are the final results!

The winning colour is…

Red Team with 556 points!

2nd place-Yellow Team with 504 points!

3rd place –Blue Team with 463 points!

 4th place- Green Team with 431 points!

Well done everyone!

 Fastest 100m runners:

years 3 and 4

Eden 3C, Daniel 4B, Zyggy 4B, Jordan, Ameerah 3S, Mike Curtis 3L, Asher 4A

The fastest runner in Years 3 and 4 is…

Zyggy 4B!

Year 5 and 6

Fastest runners in the 100m race

Troy 5A, Ibrahim 6F, Ed 3S, Azaan 6L, Hawa 5G, Efrata 5G, Scarla-Rae 6L Diana 6F, Faith 6L, Mimi 5A, Howa 5G.

Go Holbeach!

KS2 Sports Day (morning photos)

Well done KS2! You all did so well today!

You are all superstars!

Here are lots of photos to enjoy from this morning’s activities! Look on the blog tomorrow to see photos from the afternoon races!

You could leave a message to let everyone know your favourite activity.

Results coming soon…!

Isle of Wight – Disco

Tonight, we had a disco!

DJ Fred played some great tunes and we danced for hours!

Miss Lynch started a conga line…
And Miss Gonzalez led the Macarena….
There was a bit of Bohemian Rhapsody with Mrs Mills….
A bit of a slow dance to end the night…
And then goodnight!

We’ve had a great time and we’re looking forward to Robin Hill and then the journey home. See you tomorrow!

Isle of Wight – Glassblowing Workshop, Shopping and Go Karting

We started today with a fascinating glassmaking workshop from Ed at Glory Glass Art.

Here is the YouTube channel so you can see how amazing it is:

Then we went into Sandown to visit the sweet shop and souvenir shops.

After lunch at the hotel, we went to the go karting centre. It was amazing!

Sami won the bronze medal for most improvement of a lap time.
Makkers won the silver medal for the quickest lap.
And Ibrahim won the gold medal for the overall fastest driver!

We are just getting ready for the disco and can’t wait to dance!