Why didn’t the sun do anything to the black paper?

Last week in science we learned about the importance of the sun but also the negative effect the sun’s UV rays have on our skin. To test this ‘invisible’ power of light, we set up an experiment. We took three pieces of different colour sugar paper, covered parts of the paper with pieces of card and left it in the sun for a week.

Today, we took a look…

The pink and (used to be) purple sheets of paper were definitely affected by the sun but the black paper didn’t change at all! Can you work out why the black paper was not affected by the sun’s UV rays as much as the other two colours? I can confirm that the 3 pieces of paper were made our of the same material. The only difference was the colour.

I am looking forward to your answers!

3S Home Learning

Every child in 3S now has a home learning book. This book can be used to record any additional learning you choose to do at home that is relevant to what we have been learning in school. I have already seen a number of amazing versions of the story Jack and the Beanstalk; beautiful handwriting and spelling practise as well as children practising their times tables and number bond addition facts.

Every Thursday I will set maths learning online via MyMaths. You will have a week to complete this. You will also have books assigned for you to read on Bugclub. Your login information for both of these are inside your red homework books. In addition to this, the children should be exchanging their reading books in class at least one a week.



I hope that this is clear but if you have any questions or difficulties accessing any of the online tools, please let me know.

Ms. Simpson

3S are Math Geniuses!

This term we are spending a lot of time on refreshing our memories on the number system. We have partitioned number and discussed the value of digits which are in different places and have started to work with dienes to help us with our addition. This week we are adding 2 digit numbers with regrouping and exchanging and the children are already asking me if they can add even larger numbers!