Culture Week in 2B!

‘I enjoyed culture week because we got to dress up!’ – Meliah

‘I liked culture week because it was fun doing the Chinese ribbon dancing’ – Jacob

‘We got to try new food from Poland!’ – Kitty

‘I LOVED culture week because it was really fun and we got to learn and have fun!’  -Kayla

‘I liked culture week because we got to celebrate other people’s cultures’ – Lucas

‘I enjoyed trying Polish food’ – Joe

‘I enjoyed the PARADE! It was so fun!’ – Ruth

‘I liked culture week because we were allowed to come in our traditional clothes!’ – Sarah

Pitta Pockets – 2B

As part of our English and D&T lessons, we have been learning all about healthy eating and the importance of having a balanced diet.

This week, we designed our own pitta pockets and thought carefully about the ingredients we used.

Today, we prepared, made and ate our healthy snack!

‘I just LOVED it all!’ – Sarah

‘I really liked the lettuce, chicken and sweetcorn!’ Amma

‘I liked EATING my pitta pocket!’ – Orlando

‘Everyone was so sensible, 2B are just brilliant!’ – Mrs Taylor

‘The sweetcorn was so DELICIOUS!’ – Kitty

Home Learning – 30.3.21

After Easter, we will be looking at TRADITIONAL TALES!

What is your favourite traditional tale? How many do you know? Over the Easter break, your task is to read as many traditional tales as you can. Think about who your favourite characters are and why. When we return to school we will be sharing our ideas.

Have a lovely Easter break Year 2! 🙂

2B’s Toy Exhibition

Over the last couple of weeks, in our English, Science and D&T lessons, we have worked hard to design and make different toys. The toys that we made included a wind sock, spinner AND a Jumping Jack. We also made a non-fiction, instruction book to record the process of how we made our Jumping Jacks. In our Jumping Jack books, you will find a contents page, our designs, instructions AND evaluations!

Today, we had the opportunity to share our work with each other!