1S Virtual Picnic

Today we made sandwiches together and enjoyed a picnic. First we invited a guest to our picnic and brought them along with us.

Next we had to make our sandwiches. Some of us went to our kitchen and some of us set up a station at our table. Then we spread the butter on our bread and filled our sandwiches with yummy fillings.

Here are some pictures showing us making our sandwiches and most importantly enjoying them on our virtual picnic.

1S Step into Christmas

Unfortunately we were unable to do a Christmas performance to friends and family this year. Check out the whole school video on the school section of the blog where you will see both of the songs that Year 1 have performed.

This did not dampen our spirit or make our smiles shine any less bright!

Please enjoy ‘stepping into Christmas’ with us by watching our performance of ‘Step into Christmas’ below.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us in 1S

Guess my Dinosaur – Memorable Experience

This term we have been learning about dinosaurs. Each class made a video with the facts we had learned. We came together for the premiere of these films!

We went into the hall as a year group and watched the guess my dinosaur videos. We also had some popcorn for the occassion.

You can watch the video below. Can you identify the dinosaurs?

Once we had watched the videos (and found out Year 1 really are dinosaur experts!!) We had a walk around the dino/safari animal museum to see all the amazing models!

What did you like the most about the afternoon? Can you remember seeing your model?

Bee bots – Following instructions

Today we focused on moving the bee bot forwards and backwards following a sequence of instructions. We practised pushing these buttons to make the bee bot move.

Once we had practiced we looked at a set of instructions that were already written. Then we predicted where out bee bot would land after those instructions. We programmed the bee bots to check.

Bee bot

Today we have been using the bee bots again. This time we were concentrating on the buttons – forwards, backwards, turn left and turn right.

We worked with our partner to try and get our bee bot to follow the lines of a number. It was quite tricky but we had to show resilience and keep going!

You could practise the buttons of the bee bot at home by programming someone at home. Can you give them some clear instructions using only the buttons on the bee bot? Maybe you can get them from one room to another?

Look at the video below of Lilly and Rihanah’s bee bot making a number 3.

The Magic Porridge Pot

Yesterday we read the story ‘The Magic Porridge Pot’. Here is a video of a different version you can watch and enjoy.

After we read the story we said “Cook little pot cook”. We weighed, measured and stirred to make our own warm, delicious porridge. Some of us had jam with ours! Look at the pictures below and share with an adult at home your favourite part about making the porridge.