Chinese Ribbon Dancing

Today is the start of cultural week at Holbeach. In Year 1 we will be learning about the country of China and their culture.

This morning we had a ribbon dancing workshop. Last week we made out own ribbons and enjoyed using them to make lovely shapes. During the dance we became, mice, birds and even dinosaurs.

Take a look at the pictures below. There are also some videos of us putting our new moves to music.

1S Fruit Kebabs πŸ₯πŸπŸ‡πŸŒπŸŠ

Today we have been learning about ways to stay healthy. We talked about getting plenty of sleep, washing our hands, doing exercise and eating a balanced diet.

Then we designed our own fruit Kebabs.

This afternoon made and enjoyed our fruit Kebabs. First we had to prepare the fruit. Each group were responsible for preparing a fruit.

“I peeled the kiwi.” – Flavius

“I cut the pineapple, it felt juicy.” – Viyaan

“I cut the banana after I peeled it.” – Lilly

“We washed the grapes and then we cut them in half.” – Heidi

Once all the fruit had been prepared, we made our kebabs. Each of us chose the fruit we liked and enjoyed eating them after!

β€œAll of them were my favourite but my most fav was the pineapple because it was juicy and sweet.” – Alex

β€œ I chopped the pineapple and it was juicy. My favourite is banana.” – Jemimah

β€œMy favourite fruit was kiwi and it’s the first time I tried it.” – Luca  

β€œI had to peel the orange and then I had to break it into the slices and put them into the bowl. My favourite is the orange because it’s very juicy and sweet.” – Phoebe

β€œMy favourite fruit was all of them! The orange squirted when I peeled it.” – Ubed

β€œI liked the grapes and the banana on my fruit kebab because bananas are creamy and the grapes were sweet.” – Florence  

β€œWhen I tried the kiwi it was sweet and when I was cutting the grapes the juice squirted.” – Rihanah  

β€œMy favourite fruit was the kiwi and when I cut it, it was hard.” – Max  

β€œI liked the pineapple and the kiwi because it was my first time trying them and they were sour. I like the green grapes too.” – Samuel T

β€œPeel the skin of the orange and then break them up. These fruits made me hiccup.” – Eesa

β€œI liked the kiwi because it was sour.” – Ned

Sports Day ⚽🎽

Today 1S (despite the weather) took part in a fantastic Sports Day! Apart from being able to practice lots of skills every event was great fun! Look at the pictures below to tell someone at home about the day. What was your favourite activity? What skills did you practice?

Once we had taken part in all the activities it was time for the races. Miss Little called us one group at a time and we had races in groups of boys and groups of girls. The videos of the races are below.

Sports Day ⚽️🎽

Tomorrow 1S will be taking part in sports day. This morning we were talking about what events we will be taking part in and our teams. We created posters for sports day that you can see below. The children are separated into colour teams. If they have something at home that colour they can wear it tomorrow.

If you do not have anything that colour please don’t worry, all the children have decorated their own sticker to wear tomorrow so a white P.E t shirt is a great alternative.

1S Strawberry Picking πŸ“

Today year 1 went on an educational visit to Stonepitts Farm.

First we all got on the coach, excited for our day to begin.

When we arrived at the farm, Jackie who is one of the farmers, talked to us about how traditional strawberries are grown.

Weall had an empty punnet to begin with.

Before we picked strawberries for our punnet, we all got to try one.

Then the picking began. Can you remember what strawberries we were looking for? How many do you think you picked?

Florence found strawberries with her name!

After that, we had a picnic lunch and luckily the weather stayed dry for us.

After a good run around the field it was time to head home! It was a fantastic day. Thank you to all the adults that came and helped.

Enjoy your strawberries eveyone!!