Happy Easter 1S!

Happy Easter to 1S and families. We hope you enjoy this break and fingers crossed we have some sunshine to relax in! Well done 1S, you’ve worked really hard this term both online and in school so enjoy the time to rest and relax!

Today we made some chocolate nests with chocolate eggs and enjoyed them together outside.

First we had to crush the shredded wheat

Then we mixed in the melted chocolate.

After that we decorated the nests with mini eggs.

Here are our finished nests.

Finally, we took them outside to enjoy them together.

1S Visit the Easter Bunny

This afternoon was very exciting as we were visited by the Easter Bunny! We went out to the playground and sat around so we could answer some quiz questions!

Then we went into the secret garden to hunt for chocolate eggs. We looked really carefully and found a hidden egg each.

When we found an egg each we sat down in the sunshine and enjoyed them together.

Thank you for visiting Easter Bunny, we had a great afternoon!

The Little Red Hen – Told by 1S

In year 1 have been learning the story of ‘The Little Red Hen’. We have tasted and made bread as part of our learning.

This week we have become storytellers and have been learning to tell the story. We used actions and story maps to help us remember the words. We have had great fun telling the story.

For one of our lessons this week we worked in groups and each played one of the characters, telling the story as we went along.

Today we recorded the story for you to share at home. You can watch it using the link below.

Making Bread in 1S

This week we have been reading the story of ‘The Little Red Hen’ so today we made our own breadsticks.

Unlike in the story, everyone was very helpful and took turns to help with making the bread. Some of us measured, poured, mixed and all of us kneaded and shaped the bread!

Use the pictures below to tell someone at home how we made our breadsticks.

How did yours taste? The recipe that we followed can be found here if you wanted to make the breadsticks again:


Tasting Bread – 1S

This week we are learning the story of ‘The Little Red Hen’. In the story she bakes some bread which we will be doing later on in the week.

Today we tried some different breads to see which one we liked the most. Can you remember and tell someone at home all the breads we tried? Which one did you like the most? I think you can guess from the comments below which one was the most popular!

Express yourself day 1S

On Wednesday the 10th of February we joined in with the schools ‘express yourself day’. This meant we had a screen free day and used our time to complete activities that we enjoyed. We found lots of ways to express ourself and you can see some brilliant photos of what we did below!

Have a look for your photo and also look to see what the other children did, it might give you ideas of something you can do another day to express yourself.

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A child holding a cupcake

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1S – Dress to impress day

Last week was childrens mental health awareness week with the theme ‘express yourself’. One way you can express yourself is through your clothes and what you wear.

Therefore in Year 1 we had a dress to impress day where we wore something that made us feel a certain way or had a special meaning. Everyone took part and looked very impressive. The best part was hearing how each person had a reason for what they had chosen to wear, you can see their outfits below.