Year 1 Home Learning

In Year 1 we have been thinking about our new topic ‘Paws, Claws and Roars’.

This week we read the story ‘Dinosaur Roar’. Tell an adult at home what you liked about this story. You can use the link below to watch the story again.

In this book you will find lots of opposites and rhymes. For your home learning this week think of as many opposites/rhymes that you can.

You can record them by drawing a picture, writing a sentence or sharing them with someone at home.

Also have a go at logging into my maths and numbots.

1L Chinese Ribbon Dance and Food Tasting

This week, as part of Cultural Week, we are learning about China!

This morning, we took part in a ribbon dance workshop. We made lots of different shapes during the dance and even became different animals!

This afternoon, we got to try some traditional Chinese food. We tried mushroom dumplings, bean buns, cookies and crackers. Which foods did you like? How did they taste?

We are looking forward to learning more about Chinese culture tomorrow!

1L- Who Pushed Humpty Dumpty?!

Last Friday, a terrible crime happened…

Humpty was pushed off a wall…AGAIN!

PC Lucie needed help to solve this crime…

Luckily the police officers in 1L were ready to help!

They found a witness and used Mrs William’s statement to help them.

1L then planned and wrote some reports for The Fairytale Times.

Here we are planning our reports. We drew a map to help us remember. Then we practised telling each other our reports.

Here are the finished reports. Can you help?

Look at our wonderful writing! Well done 1L!