Happy Easter 1S!

Happy Easter to 1S and families. We hope you enjoy this break and fingers crossed we have some sunshine to relax in! Well done 1S, you’ve worked really hard this term both online and in school so enjoy the time to rest and relax!

Today we made some chocolate nests with chocolate eggs and enjoyed them together outside.

First we had to crush the shredded wheat

Then we mixed in the melted chocolate.

After that we decorated the nests with mini eggs.

Here are our finished nests.

Finally, we took them outside to enjoy them together.

Happy Easter 1L!

We have had so fun this week celebrating Easter and enjoying the Spring weather!

We hope you all have a lovely break. I hope you enjoy these photos! x

We went on a Easter egg hunt and met the Easter Bunny!

We made Easter cakes!

If you would like to make them again at home, here is the recipe..


We played Easter games.

We are very proud of our beautiful tulips too!

See you after the holiday everyone!

Happy Easter Purple Class

I am so proud of all that the children have achieved this term in Purple Class. We thank you for all of the hard work and support that you have been giving, and we hope everyone is able to have a restful spring break. We look forward to seeing you again after the Easter break.

This week the sun has made a special appearance and we have enjoyed making the most of the sunshine!

We worked together to create mini pools.

We have been sculptors:

Patryk made burger, chips and an hotdog.
Anaise made a person.
Keon made a person.
John made a spider.

Xavier and Rudy enjoyed making a market stall:

Lara made a bag containing an eyeshadow, lipstick and a laptop.