Year 6 – Home Learning for Half Term

Hello Year 6!

We hope you have a really restful half term holiday – you have worked very hard over these past few weeks.

We would like you to log-in to MyMaths (please check the letter that was sent home for the log-in details).

We have set you some homework on shape. Once you have done this, there are games to play and practice as well. Have fun!

We would also like you to learn and practise these spellings.

What do you notice about these words?

Can you make up a rule?

You could create a game or quiz your parents!

A New House for Mouse

This week we read the story: A new House for Mouse and Rosie’s Visitors. We drew designs for houses, built dens in the outside area and made mouse puppets.

We have enjoyed lots of different activities this week.

We have been exploring the properties of ice. We made ice puddings and enjoyed cracking the ice open with hammers. We discovered frozen sunflowers inside the ice. We use lots of descriptive language to talk about what we felt and discovered e.g., ‘freezing’, ‘frosty’, ‘icy’.
We have developed our skills in woodwork. We used a variety of resources to make new houses for our mice as well as other things such as aliens, people and other animals.
We enjoyed chopping herbs, slicing lemons and limes and mixing water. We made potions, perfume and snake poison! We are getting better at using one handed tools and we will soon be strong enough to hold pencils with the correct pincer grip.
We are now independent when using the easel. We can collected our own paper, paintbrushes and choose the type of paint we want to use. We know that when we have finished we must write our names on our work and place it on the drying rack.

Next week, we will be focusing on Autumn, the changes we can see in our local environment as well reading the stories: Leaf Man, Pumpkin Soup and Hurry, Hurry Mary Dear!

Come through our magic doors.

Red Class have been reading the Stick Man and Leaf Man stories. We imagined what the doors to their houses might look like. We had great ideas…

We made some magic doors from our designs…

Who or what might live behind these doors?

Sybil Phoenix

We learnt about Sybil Phoenix’s hard work and amazing achievements, helping children and young people in Lewisham. We saw the medals she was awarded for her MBE and OBE. We thought about why we might get a medal from the Queen. We are great at lots of things…

Horniman Museum 2T

This morning Year Two enjoyed a visit from some staff that work in the Horniman Museum. They brought along with them lots of different types of toys for the children to look at and play with.

The children have been learning about toys this term and this workshop enhanced the children’s learning even more. We looked at different toys from around the world, we discussed the materials they had been made from and how the toys are played with.

We had lots of fun!