What will your children be learning in the Spring Term?

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Would you like to help redesign our end-of-year reports?

Dear Parents

Following feedback from parents and carers, we are planning to improve the format of our end-of-year reports about the children. We would really appreciate your input. Would you be interested in taking part in a small working party in the new year to discuss ideas?

Please leave your name; your child’s name and class; and your contact details with Reception .

I look forward to hearing from you.

Ms Kate Chambers

Reading Workshop for Reception Parents

On Thursday a great group of Reception parents attended our Reading Workshop. They listened to some advice on ways to help develop their children’s reading skills; collected a free book; met other parents over a cup of tea and, above all, enjoyed the opportunity to go into class and read with their children .

Maths at Holbeach

The teaching of Maths has changed a lot over the years and we are aware that your child will be learning in very different ways to how you were taught at school!

Your child will be coming home with a ‘Parents Guide to Maths’ for their year group, outlining the expectations for the year, what they will be taught and how you can support their understanding at home.

The leaflet covers all the areas of Maths, with examples and diagrams to help you. You can download the leaflets for all the year groups below.

Have you Filled a Bucket Today?

Did you know that we all have an invisible bucket? Its purpose is to hold your good thoughts and feelings about yourself. You feel happy and good when your bucket is full, and you feel sad and lonely when your bucket is empty. This week in Purple Class we have thinking of ways we can fill our own bucket and other peoples buckets too.

Matthew and Lilly have worked together to build a train, they are sharing ideas and developing a narrative around driving a train to different parts of the country.
Bernard, Max and Phoebe are building a “bee house”, together they are sharing ideas and resources and are negotiating roles with each other. When they have finished they are very proud to show everybody what they have done. They can articulately talk about the different features of the hive and enjoy showing everyone the honey room.
Ned enjoys some quiet time in the book corner!
The children are pretending to be pirates, they are scrubbing the deck and getting the ship ready for sailing.

Welcome to Reception – Purple Class

To all our families and children we extend a warm welcome. We hope you all enjoyed your summer break and settled well into the school routine. We are so proud of the children and they have settled exceptionally well so far and have enjoyed their first week in school.

Jemimah is making soup. She carefully cuts the flowers and counts 10 petals into her pot.
We have been learning to use watercolours. We have been experimenting with colour mixing. Tiago worked out how to make purple and Rowan made brown.
The children are developing their focus and concentration skills. The children stayed at this activity for a prolonged period of time. They made a variety of things with the ingredients: apple pies, lemonade and food for the gorilla.
The children are pretending to be gorillas climbing up a tree. They are working hard on developing their balance and gross motor skills.
Abass has made a gingerbread man. He sings to himself, “Run, run as fasts as you can, you can’t catch me, I’m the gingerbread man”.
Viyaan has made “a giant number cake”. He excitedly places the number stones on his cake, naming each number as he places it on.