Year 6 English 07.07.2020

There are 3 tasks to complete today…


Task 1 – What is a preposition? Find a definition and write it down before you begin the next task.

Task 2 – Spin the preposition wheel to randomly select 5 prepositions. Write a sentence using each of your 5 prepositions. Spin again for a repeated preposition.

Task 3 – Choose the plastic issue that you feel most passionate about.

Decide which company is responsible for causing this issue.

Begin to collect facts and information for your letter.

Year 6 English 06.07.2020

Task 1

What is a conjunction? Find a definition and write it down.

Choose and use the correct conjunction to complete these jumbled up sentences.

Task 2

Use the internet to help you find the answers to these question.

Remember to gather facts from more than one source and cross check information to make sure it is correct.

Year 6 Long Distance Learning 06.07.2020

Hello Year 6,

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. 🙂 The Year 6 blog was very quiet last week so I am looking forward to hearing from you this week. Don’t leave it too long – I might forget who you are 😛 Here are your learning activities for this week.

We are immersing ourselves in the city that holds a special place in our hearts – London! You have a chance to get out and about with two fabulous virtual tours. Learn about London’s past by ordering events on a time line. Test your knowledge of London’s landmarks by playing ‘Landmark Bingo’. Have fun! 🙂

‘Coming to England’ also finishes this week with a treat on Friday.


Click on this link to take a virtual tour of the Science Museum.

Visit the ‘Stories’ section at the bottom of the home page to learn about epidemics.

Visit this page to learn even more about plastic!

Tell us if you find any other sections or galleries when you take a look around!


Impress your friends and family when you master this ‘Basic Tutting’ routine.

What is ‘tutting’ I hear you ask? The word “tutting” is a street dance style based on angular movements which are supposed to stylise the poses seen in art of ancient Egypt, and refers to “King Tut”.


How many London landmarks can you name?

Write a list of all the London landmarks you know. Don’t forget to include the names of the bridges you know!

Take a virtual walking tour of London.

Cross off the landmarks as you spot them on the video. What was your score?


Watch this video to journey back in time and discover London’s history.

Click on the links below to see or download the sheets you need for the ‘Time Line Activity

Can you match the date and description to create a London time line?

Add events from your London life to your timeline 🙂


Watch this video produced by Tate London. What is pop art?

Now try the ‘Summer Sunglasses’ activity below. You can use this template or create your own. You don’t have to use sunglasses either – you can use any object you like.

PSHE – Transition to Secondary School

PSHE – Transition to Secondary School

Your new secondary will have high expectations of the staff and students. Visit your new school’s website to find out what their values are.

Do they have a motto?

Can you design a new school uniform that reflects these values?

Use this design sheet on our blog to guide you.


Rule – Words with the ‘ee’ sound spelt ‘ei’ after ‘c’

ceiling, receive, conceive, deceive, receipt

exceptions to this rule

protein, caffeine, seize

Check the definition of any words you are unsure of. Write a sentence using each word.